Once in 3 years: Blue moon glimmers in the night sky!
Once in 3 years: Blue moon glimmers in the night sky!

You will witness a similar phenomenon next in 2018.

Second full moon of July will be visible today
Second full moon of July will be visible today

The second full moon of July will be visible today.

Menstrual and lunar cycles may be linked: Study
Menstrual and lunar cycles may be linked: Study

Researchers have used a smartphone app to analyse menstrual cycles of thousands of women and found a link between the menstrual and lunar cycles.

`Perseid Meteor shower` to share sky with `full Moon` on August 12-13

It has been predicted that Perseid meteor shower, an annual celestial event, will be held around August 12-13 in 2014 but this year it will also share the sky with full Moon light that might hide many of the fainter meteors.

Full moon night may reduce sleep by 20 minutes

Next time when your grandmother tells you a folklore as you try to sleep on a full moon night, tell her to cut short as you are going to lose some sleep owing to the effect of lunar cycle on your brain.

Superstition and bad luck coincide: Friday the 13th has a full moon

Are you superstitious? If yes, then this piece of information might interest you. Skygazers will witness a full moon on June 13 i.e. Friday. Not only is it Friday the 13th, but it is also a Full Moon.

See the first full moon of 2014 rise on Wednesday night

Skygazers are in for a treat as the first full moon of 2014 will rise on Wednesday at 11:52 p.m. EST.

Taj Mahal shut on full moon night

Much to the disappointment of visitors, the Taj Mahal was closed for visitors despite Friday`s full moon night as it overlapped with the day the monument is closed each week.

Blue Moon: Facts you should know

If you had gazed up at the sky on Tuesday night you might have witnessed a real delight in the form of a blue moon. This rare special event was one of it’s kind because it won’t be taking place until 2015.

Blame bad night`s sleep on full Moon

Scientists have found evidence that human sleep patterns are timed to the phases of the Moon, and that people sleep 20 minutes less on average during a full Moon.

`Supermoon 2013`: Don`t miss the biggest, fullest and brightest moon on Sunday

The largest full moon this year, also known as the supermoon, will brighten the night sky this weekend.

`Sharks dive deep under full Moon`

A full Moon and warm waters may alter sharks` diving behaviour, compelling the creatures to take a plunge deeper into the sea, a new study has found.

Last full moon of 2012 rises today

The last full moon of 2012 will rise into the night sky on Friday morning, December 28, at 5:21 a.m. EST (1021 GMT).

2012’s final full moon rises Friday

The last full moon of 2012 will rise into the night sky this week, it has been revealed.

August will be graced with two full moons

Full moon usually occurs only once in a month, but the month of August will brings us two full moons.

Full moon `disrupts sensitive measurements at Large Hadron Collider`

The moon, which is known for its ability to cast an impact on the Earth`s tides, has been causing yet another effect over the last few years.

Partial lunar eclipse today, no show in India

Total duration of the eclipse will be about two hours and seven minutes.

Full moon to overpower Perseid meteor shower

The Perseid meteor showers, an annual display of shooting stars in Northern Hemisphere, are underway with an expected peak on Friday, but a full moon will hamper seeing all but the brightest meteors.

Earth observes Supermoon on Saturday

The moon was just 3,56,577 kms away from the Earth.

Paris Hilton shows full moon in sheer leggings disaster

Paris Hilton has done it again- the socialite accidentally mooned photogs when she bent over while wearing sheer leggings.