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Microbial communities in cheese identified

Last Updated: Monday, July 21, 2014, 18:22

Harvard researchers have identified three general types of microbial communities that live on cheese.

Now, GM fungi to produce cheaper biofuel

Last Updated: Monday, June 03, 2013, 17:27

Researchers are manufacturing genetically modified fungi to produce significantly cheaper bio-fuel.

Fungi, the next alternative to plastic

Last Updated: Sunday, March 17, 2013, 12:08

Fungi really deserve more respect, as they have fantastic capabilities and can be grown, under certain circumstances, in almost any shape and be totally biodegradable.

Fungi wrapped by Darwin in newspaper found in Cambridge

Last Updated: Thursday, September 27, 2012, 20:41

Fungi and seaweed collected by Charles Darwin on the Beagle`s voyage to South America in 1832-33 have been found still wrapped in an 1828 newspaper by a librarian at Cambridge University.

100 threatened animals, plants face extinction by 2020

Last Updated: Tuesday, September 11, 2012, 23:44

An international consortium of more than 8,000 scientists has called for urgent help to save Earth`s 100 most threatened animals, plants and fungi, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

Bees `self-medicate` when infected

Last Updated: Monday, April 02, 2012, 13:22

Honey bees "self-medicate" when their colony is infected with a harmful fungus, with the help of antifungal plant resins to ward off the invader.

Fungi can help rein in lead pollution

Last Updated: Sunday, January 15, 2012, 18:40

Fungi can help scientists keep hazardous lead under control by transforming the heavy metal into its most stable mineral form.

Heat-loving fungi open way to greener fuels

Last Updated: Wednesday, October 05, 2011, 15:51

Scientists have decoded the complete genetic makeup of fungi Myceliophthora thermophila and Thielavia terrestris.

Fungi behind extinction of forests 250mn-yrs-ago

Last Updated: Sunday, August 07, 2011, 19:12

The so-called Permian extinction likely was triggered by immense volcanic eruptions in what is now Siberia.

Indians discover world`s most heat-resistant fungi

Last Updated: Saturday, July 23, 2011, 12:33

The fungi, named `Agni`s Fungi` are among the most heat-resistant eukaryotes on record.

New forms of `zombie ant` fungi discovered

Last Updated: Monday, March 14, 2011, 17:43

Scientists discover fungi in the Brazilian rainforest that can take control of ants.

How plants and soil fungi turned Earth ‘green’ over 470 mn yrs ago

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 03, 2010, 12:56

Experts have learnt how ancient plants and soil fungi turned the Earth green over 470 million years ago.