UK, US spies stored millions of Yahoo webcam images: Report

Britain`s communications spy agency GCHQ and the US National Security Agency (NSA) intercepted and stored images from webcams used by millions of Yahoo users, the Guardian newspaper reported on Thursday.

Angry Birds website hacked after reports of NSA and GCHQ snoop-operation

The website of Angry Birds app maker Rovio had been reportedly hacked, two days after the US and UK spy agencies` snoop-operation on personal data of its customers.

UK spy agency snooped user activities on Facebook, Youtube

The documents have revealed that the GCHQ monitored YouTube video views, Facebook `likes` and Blogger visits among other activities in real-time.

UK hacked hotel systems to spy on foreign diplomats: Report

Britain`s GCHQ intelligence agency has systematically spied on foreign diplomats and politicians by monitoring their hotel bookings around the world, a German media report said.

UK intelligence warns nations `hiring hackers` to launch attacks

UK`s intelligence agency, GCHQ in its annual report expressed concern over nations allegedly `hiring hackers` in order to launch attacks on enemy states.

New UK centre to study science of cyber security?

Britain today announced the setting up of a new academic research institute at a cost of 3. 8 million pounds to improve understanding of the science behind the growing cyber security threat.

UK intelligence awards 8 varsities for cyber security

Oxford and Bristol are among eight universities recognised as centres of excellence in cyber security research by GCHQ, one of Britain`s three intelligence agencies.