Jairam Ramesh raises doubts over GM foods

He said that one should recognise the fundamental distinction between the first green revolution and today`s green revolution.

Greenpeace criticises PM`s statement on nuke energ

A green NGO criticised Prime Minister Manmohan Singh`s statement that issues like genetically modified food or nuclear energy cannot be settled by faith, emotion or fear but by structured debate.

Need for public sector investment in GM food: Ramesh

There is a need for a large-scale publicly funded biotechnology programme in agriculture.

GM food only way to feed starving people: US scientist

The `spat` over GM vegetables on
ethical grounds was meaningless while millions of people are
starving in the world, renowned biomaterial scientist of the
US Prof Buddy D Ratner said Sunday.

India in no hurry to introduce Bt Brinjal: Ramesh

India is in no hurry to
introduce commercial cultivation of Bt Brinjal, Environment
Minister Jairam Ramesh said here on Saturday after facing stiff
opposition at a public hearing.

Don`t sell us GM food, over 24,000 people tell

Over 24,000 people have asked big manufacturers of processed foods in India, including Nestle, Britannia and Hindustan Unilever, not to use GM foods.