Women's safety: Kerala govt to install GPS in public vehicles

Kerala government has drawn up a plan to install GPS and CCTV cameras in public transport vehicles to ensure women's safety in view of the Centre's direction in this regard post the Delhi gang rape case.

China launches two satellites as it builds GPS rival

 China launched two new satellites into space today, state media reported, as it builds a homegrown satellite navigation system to rival the US's Global Positioning System.

BIG is beautiful for ISRO

Indian space agency officials are hoping their BIG offering would soon benefit the masses and gain popularity in the market.

Human sense of smell can act like GPS in the dark

Humans may lack the scent-tracking sophistication of dogs, but we can still use our nose to sniff our way out of the dark, according to a new study.

Delhi govt introduces GPS-enabled water tankers

Delhi government on Monday introduced the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) on its water tankers in its bid to improve service and check tanker mafia.

Now fly with new gen 'smart luggage' equipped with GPS
Now fly with new gen 'smart luggage' equipped with GPS

Samsung and Samsonite have joined hands to come up withsatellite-tracked suitcases.

'Smart' facial recognition cane for the blind
'Smart' facial recognition cane for the blind

A revolutionary 'smart' cane that enables the visually impaired to instantly identify friends and family may soon be available.

Odisha govt to install CCTV, GPS in all buses

Alarmed at the spurt in crimes against women, the Odisha government has decided to equip the state buses with CCTV cameras and Global Positioning System.

Madhya Pradesh Police to get 1,000 GPS-equipped vehicles

The Madhya Pradesh Police will soon get 1,000 GPS-equipped vehicles which would be capable of reaching a person soon after he dials 100 number for security, state Director General of Police Surendra Singh said on Monday.

New sensor to prevent drunk driving

A new sensor that can sniff out when a driver is drunk from their sweat and prevent them from driving has been developed.

World's most accurate atomic clock will not gain or lose a second in 15 billion years

Scientists have unveiled the world's most accurate clock that will not gain or lose a second in 15 billion years, roughly the age of the universe.

Smartphones could help detect earthquakes early

Sensors in smartphones and other similar devices could be used to detect early ground movement to warn people about a potential earthquake, according to a new study.

Soon, smartphones to act as warning aids for 'earthquakes'

Smartphones could very soon play an important role in saving millions of lives, as scientists are currently testing it as early warning systems for large earthquakes.

Taxi unions to protest against installation of GPS device

 Angry over government's order to make installation of GPS device mandatory for all taxis, the unions of yellow and black cabs in the city will take out a march from Rajghat to Delhi Assembly on March 25 to protest against the 'Tuglaki Farman', a day when a two-day special session will be going on.

Waste-carrying vehicles to be installed with GPS device: Maharashtra CM

 Stating that illegal dumping of waste is a matter of serious concern, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Friday said all vehicles transporting waste will be installed with GPS devices.

Auto unions ask govt not to impose GPS, says "won't stop rape"

 Several auto and taxi unions on Wednesday protested Delhi government's decision to make Global Positioning System (GPS) installation in their vehicles mandatory, saying the device won't serve its intended purpose of stopping "sexual harassment" in the capital.

Soon, augmented reality glasses that let you watch movies
Soon, augmented reality glasses that let you watch movies

Google Glass may face some tough competition from a San Francisco-based company which plans to develop smart Bluetooth-enabled glasses that display HD video and are equipped with a global navigation satellite system.

Critics ask how AirAsia jetliner went missing in age of GPS

Air travel advocates are demanding global aviation authorities explain how an AirAsia jetliner with 162 people aboard got lost at a time when satellites and webcams monitor society`s every move.

Under-fire Uber ramps up rider safety

Uber is ramping up driver background checks and other security measures worldwide after the smartphone-focused car-sharing service was banned in New Delhi following the alleged rape of a passenger.

Auto, taxi unions threaten to go on two-day strike

The autorickshaw and taxi unions have threatened to go on a two-day strike from January 5 in favour of their charter of demands, including removal of GPS and toll tax on private taxis.