GSLV rocket

GSLV rocket may be declared fully operational

The Indian space agency would, in all probability, declare its GSLV rocket variant -the GSLV-Mk II - fully operational if it successfully puts the GSAT-6 communication satellite into orbit, a senior official of Indian space agency said.

Aug 27, 2015, 12:22 PM IST

Countdown for India`s GSLV rocket to begin January 4

The countdown for the launch of India`s heavy-duty rocket - GSLV - that would carry communication satellite GSAT-14 is set to begin January 4 morning.

Jan 02, 2014, 19:24 PM IST

Successful Mars mission helps ISRO end year on high note

The successful launch of India`s first inter-planetary Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), the sending up of India`s first navigation satellite midnight, the launch of the Indo-French satellite SARAL, and signing up a couple of satellite launch contracts – all these put Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in 2013 amongst the select group of space-faring nations on a couple of counts.

Dec 24, 2013, 15:57 PM IST

ISRO to assemble another engine for aborted GSLV

The GSLV is a three-stage launch vehicle with four strap-on motors hugging the first stage.

Aug 27, 2013, 20:11 PM IST

Seven more satellites to be carried by India`s heavy rocket

The 29-hour countdown for the launch of India`s heavy rocket GSLV-D5, pregnant with communication satellite GSAT-14, began Sunday at 11.50 a.m.

Aug 18, 2013, 21:08 PM IST

ISRO successfully tests indigenous cryogenic engine

ISRO today successfully tested the indigenous cryogenic engine to be used to propel the country`s Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle.

May 11, 2012, 22:32 PM IST

Hardware defect suspected for GSLV failure

GSLV-F06 carrying an advanced communications satellite had exploded barely a minute after lift-off.

Dec 27, 2010, 09:47 AM IST