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Device can transform your smartphone into 3D printer

 A US-based company has designed a portable device that lets you turn any smartphone into a 3D printer using the light from the touchscreen to process your plastic creations, a media report said.

The Apple Watch: Is it a gadget or a fashion statement?

The Apple Watch: Is it a gadget or a fashion statement?

Apple CEO Tim Cook summed up the problem during a conversation with sales staff at a London Apple Store: "We've never sold anything as a company that people could try on before."

Voxx gadget aims to prevent infant deaths in sweltering cars

A new gadget aimed at preventing heat-related deaths of infants in parked cars is on show at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Panasonic forays into Sri Lankan smartphone market

Technology major Panasonic India today said it will foray into the fast-growing Sri Lankan market with its range of mobile phones across various price points.

Most Indians feel smartphones important part of life: Survey

Tech-savvy Indians have emerged as the most hooked on to gadgets globally with as many as 95 percent finding their smartphones "critically important" while 75 percent use their smartphone or tablet to book a hotel, says a survey by leading online travel firm Expedia.

Apple's iWatch may sport multiple designs

The Wall Street Journal on Friday also cited sources saying Quanta would manufacture the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Rumours begin!

Gadgets Geeks and industry insiders have suggested that Note 4 will be disclosed at a pre-IFA 2014 Samsung Unpacked event in September.

Surface Pro 3 Vs MacBook Air: Comparision

Let us compare both the devices in terms of top specifications in order to gauge which of them has an upper hand over the other.

New gadget tells if your breath is safe to kiss

A 19.99-pound gadget has been developed to help you check if your breath is going to make your Mr Right run a mile away from you due to bad smell.

`British parents regret gifting gadgets to kids`

A study in Britain has found one third of parents regretting having given their children mobile phones, computers, and games consoles.

Now, a pesticide-free way of killing weeds

It could be what gardeners have long wished for -- a gadget that kills weeds in a jiffy without requiring noxious pesticides.

A diet of emails and SMSes `could be bad for health`

Latest gadgets could be damaging people`s minds by bombarding them with too much information.

Washing machine `the best time-saving invention`

Women voted for washing machine and men, it`s the computer, says a survey.

Laser projector, set-top box win gadget awards

A pocket-size laser projector and a set-top box which delivers Web content to your television were named among the best products in an annual competition.

Six types of learners in neotech age

Are you intimidated by new gadgets and technologies at your work place or do you take it in stride and learn the skill of handling them with dexterity?