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US workers regain faith in finding good job if laid off: Poll

Americans' confidence that they would find a good job if they get sacked from their current job has been restored, a Gallup poll found.

Hillary Clinton's favourability dips to new low: Poll

 Hillary Clinton`s favourability rating has hit an all-time low, showed a Gallup poll on Saturday.

Obama's favourable rating highest in 2 years: Gallup

Americans' favourable ratings of Barack Obama have touched 53 per cent, marking the US President's highest score since September, 2013.

Americans increasingly say race is nation's key issue: Survey

For the first time in over two decades, the percentage of Americans naming "race relations" or "racism" as the key problem facing the nation has climbed dramatically to 13 per cent, according to a new Gallup poll.

Americans' confidence in big business is low: Gallup

A majority of Americans say large US companies do a poor job in helping the US economy, with 43 percent saying the companies are weak in creating jobs for Americans, Gallup found in a poll released Tuesday.

Suffering in India has doubled in recent years: Gallup poll

Suffering in India has more than doubled in recent years with one in every four Indian reported to be bearing the brunt of the nation`s poor economic performance in recent years, a latest Gallup poll said.

Barack Obama`s approval rating inches downward: Gallup

US President Barack Obama`s approval rating has dipped to 47.9 percent for the second consecutive quarter, according to a Gallup poll.

World bleak on job prospects: Gallup

In Europe, currently undergoing a recession, 75 percent said 2012 was a bad time to find work, surpassing all other regions in terms of negativity.

Public confidence in US Congress hits 10 pc low: Gallup Poll

Public confidence in US Congress has reduced to a historic low, a new survey has revealed.

South Asians rely on informal money transfers: Gallup

Nearly six in ten adults in the South Asian region and Indonesia sent or received a payment or remittance in 2012 with a majority doing so informally, according to a new Gallup study.

Americans less positive about India than last year

Americans` positive perceptions of India fell seven percentage points over the past year from an all-time high of 75 per cent, a latest opinion poll showed on Friday.

Indians` popularity with Americans dips from historic highs

Indians have lost their popularity with the Americans somewhat, with their favourability ratings going down notably over the last one year.

Majority predicts Barack Obama will win re-election

With less than a week left for the November 06 Presidential Election, majority of Americans believe that US President Barack Obama is better poised to win the elections.

15 pc US voters cast their ballots before elections: Gallup

About 15 per cent of voters have already cast their ballots and another 18 per cent intends to do it before the Nov 6 Prez elections, the Gallup said.

'More Indians now have good jobs as against two years ago'

The percentage of Indians with good jobs is up from where it was two years ago but it provides little strong evidence that India's sluggish economy is firmly on the mend, according to a new survey.

Obama won the second debate: Poll

Obama won the second presidential debate against Romney as the latter lost one point in his national lead, new poll numbers by Gallup said.

‘Distrust in media hits new high in US’

According to a survey, 60 percent of Americans say they have "little or no trust in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly".

One third Indians think they are `suffering`

Gallup classified respondents as thriving, struggling or suffering according to how they rated their current and future lives.

`US leadership more respected than China`s’

Among a host of Asian countries that are either members of ASEAN or EAS group, US has a median leadership approval of 44 percent.

Obama's approval rating hits lowest at 40%

US President Barack Obama's approval rating this past week was recorded at 40 percent, the lowest of his administration so far, the latest national opinion poll of the Gallup has said.