IOC hopes sweeping Olympic changes to mark Games revival
IOC hopes sweeping Olympic changes to mark Games revival

When the International Olympic Committee members vote on 40 recommendations next week to change the way the Games are awarded and run they will be saying `yes` to the biggest single overhaul of the Olympics in decades.

Five ways to stay mentally fit

Staying mentally fit means having a sense of wellbeing and being able to function everyday.

Most expensive video game to hit cyberspace Tuesday
Most expensive video game to hit cyberspace Tuesday

Billed as the biggest video game of the year and also the most expensive one ever made, Destiny will be launched Tuesday to an expected 10 million players.

Losing games against strong opponents can actually be enjoyable for some
Losing games against strong opponents can actually be enjoyable for some

A new study has suggested that winning is not everything and few people actually enjoy losing the game if their mettle is tested by a strong opponent.

Computer games may give you larger English vocabulary
Computer games may give you larger English vocabulary

Scientists have found that those who play computer games regularly have a larger English vocabulary than non-players.

Smartphone users vote for long battery life

Forget games, camera or the new friend-making app. For most of British people, battery life of a smartphone is what concern them the most.

Olympics: Pollution muddies Rio 2016 waters

Waters polluted by sewage off the coast of Rio remain a concern for organisers of the 2016 Olympics, but the International Olympic Committee insisted Friday that the sea will be safe for competition.

Jailing of environmentalist not Games related: IOC

The jailing of a Russian environmentalist who had accused authorities of damaging the environment in the run-up to the Sochi Olympics is not related to the Games, the International Olympic Committee said on Saturday.

Snowboard star White misses medal, mild weather a worry

American snowboarder Shaun White, one of biggest draws at the Winter Olympics and favourite to win his third straight halfpipe title, bowed out without a medal on Tuesday in the biggest upset of the Games so far.

Ski jumping-Vogt wins first-ever women`s gold

Carina Vogt of Germany made history on Tuesday when she won the women`s first ever Olympic ski jumping competition, marking the triumphant end of a 13-year fight by female athletes to take part in the Games.

Aussies restrict Sochi team movements

Australian competitors at the Winter Olympics face travel restrictions in and around Sochi, it was revealed on Sunday by team chiefs wary of the tense security situation in Russia.

Opposition campaigner attacks Putin over Sochi costs

A leading opponent of President Vladimir Putin on Monday criticised what he said was huge overspending on the Winter Olympics and accused Russian officials and businessmen of making big profits from the Games.

Russia claims anti-doping progress, must convince sceptics

Russia, for years after the fall of the Soviet Union notorious as one of the world`s worst sports doping offenders, claims to have finally made progress in the fight against drugs and but now must convince sceptics when it hosts the Olympics.

US studying rescue plans in case of crisis at Sochi Olympics

In the face of concerns about possible attacks by militants during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, U.S. military and intelligence officials have been studying contingency plans for evacuating Americans from the games in case of a crisis.

Rio to launch Olympic volunteer programme in August

The Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic organising committee is set to launch its Games volunteer programme in August.

Games improve health and well being among employees

Games that promote health can improve the well-being of employees, which would in turn save employers` direct and indirect health care costs.

Neil Nitin Mukesh packs gadgets, games for `3G` in Fiji

Neil Nitin Mukesh has a 50-day schedule lined up for ‘3G’ in Fiji. Clothes and essentials apart, he is making sure he packs his gadgets and gizmos well to keep himself entertained during breaks.

Women prefer gaming to sex!

Women play computer games just as much as men, with many saying they enjoy gaming than those who admitted they enjoy sex.

Games most downloaded application for mobiles

The cellphone has become an inseparable part of life which offers unlimited entertainment rather than just being a communication tool.

Relaxing video games can make people happier

Violent video games often lead to more aggression and anger in players.