First ever gamma-ray study of gravitational lens conducted

Astronomers using NASA`s Fermi observatory, has made the first-ever gamma-ray measurements of a gravitational lens - a natural telescope formed when a rare cosmic alignment allows the gravity of a massive object to bend and amplify light from a more distant source.

Lethal gamma-ray may soon hit Earth

A lethal gamma-ray burst from a star about 8000 light years away could hit earth and possibly wipe out a quarter of our atmospheric ozone, astronomers have revealed.

Gamma-ray flares `erupted far from its black hole`

Astronomers have zeroed in on the source of the months-long blast of energy launched by an enormous black hole almost 11 billion years ago swept past Earth in 2011.

Gamma-ray observations challenge physics

Now, the European Space Agency``s (ESA) Integral gamma-ray observatory has placed stringent new limits on the size of these quantum ‘grains’ in space, showing them to be much smaller than some quantum gravity ideas would suggest.

Supercomputer solves gamma-ray burst mystery

The study provides the most detailed glimpse of the forces driving some of the universe’s most energetic explosions.