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Physically active women at lesser risk of heart diseases

 Middle-aged women, who keep physically active at least few times a week, face lesser risk of heart disease, stroke and blood clots.

Gardening offers much needed health benefits to younger adults

Researchers have said that gardening can not only enhance home and community landscapes and provide low-cost food sources, the level of physical activity required also offers a multitude of health benefits to young adults.

Katy Perry likes growing her own fruits, vegetables

Pop star Katy Perry says she is a big fan of gardening and makes use of it in growing her own vegetables.

Let your kids do gardening for a healthy future

Gardening connects you to the nature and children too can reap the benefits of digging, raking and weeding, shows research.

Moderate exercise not only treats depression but also prevents disease

Physical activity is largely recognized as an effective tool to treat depression, but a new study has revealed that moderate exercise can actually prevent episodes of depression in the long term.

DIY and gardening can cut risk of heart attack/stroke by 30 pc

DIY or gardening can decrease the heart attack/stroke risk and prolong life by as much as 30 percent among the 60+ age group, a new research has revealed.

Cultivate a Kitchen Garden (in 3 quick steps)

Always wanted to have a kitchen garden, but haven`t gotten around to it yet? Follow our quick tips and you`ll soon have a flourishing green patch of your own.

Gardening can help lose weight

In general, a normal BMI ranges from 18.5 to 24.9; a smaller number is better than a larger one.

Gardening or walking better than taking statins for people with high cholesterol

Doing more exercise could help people with high cholesterol as much, or more, than drugs, a new study has revealed.

Household chores can cut risk of breast cancer by 13%

Leading an active lifestyle which includes doing housework, walking and gardening can cut the risk of developing breast cancer, a new study has claimed.

iPhone app tells you when to water your plants

Now your garden plants need not die of neglect, thanks to an iPhone application that tells you when they need watering.

Now, a pesticide-free way of killing weeds

It could be what gardeners have long wished for -- a gadget that kills weeds in a jiffy without requiring noxious pesticides.

Gardening boosts my sex life: ITV1`s Alan Titchmarsh

Celebrity gardener and chat show host Alan Titchmarsh has revealed that gardening keeps his sex life blooming.

Gardening is good for health

Tending your garden can make you feel younger and happier, say experts.

Gardening is good for health

Tending your garden can make you feel younger and happier, say experts.

Gardening is good for health

Tending your garden can make you feel younger and happier, say experts.

Gardening gives older people a ‘zest for life’

Gardeners are more likely to be organised and optimistic than non-gardeners.

It`s official: Gardening makes you feel better

Most people would rather spend time in their gardens than in front of the television or shopping, a poll of around 1,000 Britons has revealed.