What waste: Human excrement can fuel developing world

Gas produced by decaying human waste is a potentially major source of energy, providing electricity for millions of homes while improving sanitary conditions in developing countries, says a UN report has said.

Gas price cut to $3.82, will dent govt revenues by Rs 800 cr
Gas price cut to $3.82, will dent govt revenues by Rs 800 cr

Locally produced gas in India will cost 18 percent less during October-March compared with the first half of the current fiscal year, a source with knowledge of the matter said on Wednesday, due to a decline in global prices.

Bids for 69 marginal oil and gas fields to begin by Dec: Pradhan

Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan Monday said the government will open the bids for 69 marginal oil and gas fields from late November or early December and expressed confidence of getting good response from across the globe.

'Largest ever' Med gas field found off Egypt: ENI

Italian energy giant ENI Sunday announced the discovery of the "largest ever" offshore natural gas field in the Mediterranean inside Egypt's territorial waters.

Here's why fire fountains erupted on moon's surface
Here's why fire fountains erupted on moon's surface

In a breakthrough discovery, scientists have found the volatile gas that drove eruptions on the moon. 

New tech to let smartphones detect gases

Scientists have developed a miniature smartphone sensor that can identify the type and amount of gases in air samples.

Recession, not gas, drove drop in US emissions: Study

Economic recession was the main cause for a drop in United States carbon dioxide emissions between 2007 and 2013 -- not a shift from coal- to gas-fuelled energy as widely claimed, researchers said Tuesday.

OilMin to remind Finance Ministry on gas price premium soon

The Oil Ministry is putting out a reminder to the Finance Ministry for an early decision on allowing market price for part of the natural gas produced by firms like ONGC and RIL from difficult fields.

Five 'supermassive' black holes discovered
Five 'supermassive' black holes discovered

Five supermassive black holes that were previously hidden by clouds of dust and gas have been discovered by astronomers who suggest that millions of concealed monster black holes exist in the universe.

Russia halts gas supplies to Ukraine amid new spat

 Gas giant Gazprom said on Wednesday it was halting all natural gas supplies to Ukraine after pricing talks broke down in the latest row between Russia and its war-torn ex-Soviet neighbour.

China probes high-ranking sports official for corruption

A deputy head of China`s sports administration has been put under investigation, the ruling Communist Party`s anti-corruption agency said, the highest-ranking official to fall in the notoriously graft-prone sector.

China probes deputy minister on Olympic panel for discipline breach
China probes deputy minister on Olympic panel for discipline breach

A deputy sports minister who sits on China`s Olympic committee is being investigated for suspected "serious breaches of discipline and the law", the ruling Communist Party`s anti-graft watchdog said using a term often employed to denote corruption.

Qatar vast gas reserves 'to last 138 years': Report

Qatar's gas reserves are so vast it can maintain production at current rates for another 138 years, according to an official report published Sunday.

Manthan: Expert's tips to avoid stomach gas, constipation

Ayurvedic Dr Vibha Sharma gives some natural home remedies that will help you avoid stomach gas and constipation during the hot summer season.

Oklahoma scientists say earthquakes linked to oil and gas work

Oklahoma geologists have documented strong links between increased seismic activity in the state and the injection into the ground of wastewater from oil and gas production, a state agency said on Tuesday.

Two killed in gas leakage from GAIL pipeline in Telangana

Two workers were killed and three others injured due to gas leakage from Gas Authority of India Ltd's LPG pipeline in Telangana's Nalgonda district on Saturday, an official statement said.

Putin offers to extend gas deal with Ukraine for 3 months

Russian President Vladimir Putin on today said Russia would extend the current gas deal with Ukraine by another three months, hours before it was due to expire.

How magnetic field influences star formation
How magnetic field influences star formation

A new study has provided a deeper insight into how the magnetic field influences star formation on a variety of scales, from hundreds of light-years down to a fraction of a light-year.

Japan's quake-tsunami disaster in 2011 triggered global warming, ozone loss
Japan's quake-tsunami disaster in 2011 triggered global warming, ozone loss

A new study has recently revealed that Japan's quake-tsunami disaster in 2011 triggered global warming andozone loss , as it released tons of harmful chemical in the atmosphere.

Private power firms to get up to Rs 7,500 cr subsidy in 2 years

A subsidy of up to Rs 7,500 crore will be provided to private power companies in the next two years as part of the scheme approved by the Cabinet to revive 31 electricity generating units stranded for want of gas.