Nepal urges China to open more passes, entry points

After fuel supplies to Nepal from India dwindled heavily for last one month, Kathmandu initiated process to import fuel from China.

DNA: Nepal turns to China for fuel after India restricts supply

Fuel-starved Nepal has signed an agreement with China to provide gasoline, diesel and cooking gas after India restricted its supplies as a result of ongoing political protests in the Himalayan nation.

4 killed while trying to recover gasoline after Mexico crash

An attempt to take gasoline from a crashed tanker truck led to four deaths and 26 injuries when the vehicle exploded, Mexican officials have said.

Coal-powered electric cars worse for public health than gasoline counterparts

Coal-powered electric cars worse for public health than gasoline counterparts

A new study has found that driving vehicles that use electricity made from clean, renewable energy instead of gasoline can actually push down death rates due to air pollution by as much as 70 percent.

Now, biofuel from oranges

 Scientists from Japan's Mie University have developed biofuel from inedible oranges and have received promising results due to its efficiency and less corrosive nature, media reported.

US oil prices jump on stockpiles data

US oil prices jumped Thursday on fresh US stockpiles data while in London crude prices were only slightly higher.

Marathon Petroleum to buy Hess unit for $2.6 bn

Marathon Petroleum will acquire Hess`s gasoline and convenience store business for USD 2.6 billion in a deal creating one of the biggest US players in the sector, the companies said Thursday.

Study lists dangerous chemicals linked to breast cancer

Certain chemicals that are common in everyday life have been shown to cause breast cancer in lab rats and are likely to do the same in women, US researchers said today.

Biofuels from corn less beneficial than reported: Study

Biofuels from corn residue may be less beneficial than previously thought as a study has found using corn crop residue to make ethanol and other biofuels reduces soil carbon and can generate more greenhouse gases than gasoline.

HPCL to export gasoline due to maintenance

India`s Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd (HPCL) has offered gasoline for export in a rare move as it will shut gasoline production facilities at its Vizag refinery for about a month starting April, a company official said on Monday.

US predicts vast majority of cars to still use gasoline by 2040

Electric cars might be the next big thing on roads, but the US Department of Energy has predicted that vast majority of cars would continue to use gasoline by the year 2040.

Scientists produce gasoline from bacteria

In a first, Korean scientists have successfully developed genetically modified microbes that can produce gasoline, used as fuel for transportation.

US petroleum demand down

The overall petroleum demand in the US edged down in June, said a leading industry group in a report.

Nigeria labour says no agreement to end fuel strike

Nigeria`s government and labour unions have failed to end a paralysing nationwide strike over high gasoline costs.

Diesel car boom in India puts automakers in a fix

Petrol, viewed as the rich person's fuel in India, now costs 56 percent more than diesel.

Petrol price may be hiked by Re 1 next month

The rate change may, however, need a political clearance as assembly elections in five crucial states, including Uttar Pradesh and Punjab, have been announced.

China to send Iran gasoline as UN mulls sanctions

A state-owned Chinese refiner
plans to ship 30,000 metric tons of gasoline to Iran after
European traders halted shipments ahead of possible new UN
sanctions, according to Singapore ship brokers.

UAE adopts litre for measuring gasoline

Fuel stations across the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have adopted the litre instead of the imperial gallon as a unit of measurement from Jan 1 this year, WAM news agency reported Tuesday.