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Australian Senate rejects public vote on gay marriage

Australia's Senate has rejected a government plan to hold a public vote on recognizing gay marriage.

Homophobia up in Mexico after gay marriage push: NGO

Alejandro Brito, head of the Citizen Commission against Homophonic Hate Crimes, said there was a "defamation campaign" against gays.

Scottish church takes first step to gay marriage

The Scottish Episcopal Church on Friday became the first Anglican Church branch in Britain to take a step towards allowing gay marriage in church.

Same-sex marriage: Girl student 'marries' 25-year-old woman; father files kidnapping case

A girl student of the Government Polytechnic College here allegedly 'married' a 25-year-old woman from Agra.

Alabama chief justice orders halt to same-sex marriage licenses

A federal judge in Alabama overturned the state`s ban on same-sex marriage last January.

Gay marriage bill signed into law in Ireland

Same-sex marriage has been signed into law in Ireland, five months after a historic referendum saw the traditionally Catholic nation become the world's first country to vote for gay unions.

Kentucky clerk won't block, or authorize, gay marriage licenses

The county clerk from Kentucky jailed after refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples said Monday on her return to work she will not block her deputies from issuing them but will not authorize them, as one couple celebrated their marriage.

Will this old gay couple from Australia be able to marry in their lifetime?

Will this old gay couple from Australia be able to marry in their lifetime?

As Australian government remains divided over the issue of same-sex marriage, an octogenarian gay couple has been tirelessly campaigning for the cause, demanding that they be allowed to marry and that there partnership be “given the same recognition as everyone else's relationships”.

Australian PM Tony Abbott stymies gay marriage push, for now

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Wednesday his government would remain opposed to gay marriage during the current parliament, but suggested the issue could be put to a popular vote after the next election.

Italy breaches human rights by blocking gay marriage: European court

 A European court ruled Tuesday that Italy breached the human rights of three gay couples by refusing them marriage or any other recognised form of union. 

Arnold says 'Hasta La Vista' to anti-equality internet troll

Arnold says 'Hasta La Vista' to anti-equality internet troll

Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped one of his most famous movie catchphrases, "Hasta La Vista" on an internet user, who criticised the legalisation of same sex marriages in US.

Barack Obama calls for overtime overhaul

Barack Obama calls for overtime overhaul

President Barack Obama said Monday he will push for reforms to the nation`s overtime regulations to cover more "middle class" Americans, after his administration has made numerous political gains.

Mississippi, Louisiana issue gay marriage licenses

Some of the final barriers to gay marriage in America fell Monday as the southern state of Mississippi and at least one Louisiana parish began issuing licenses to gay couples.

Amber Rose, Blac ​Chyna show support to gay marriage ruling with kiss

Amber Rose, Blac ​Chyna show support to gay marriage ruling with kiss

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna showed serious PDA at the 2015 BET Awards at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

Almost half Indian millennials favour marriage equality

 In a landmark judgment, the US Supreme Court on Friday guaranteed right to same-sex marriage nationwide. The legal milestone is in step with sentiment among millennials around the world, including India -- where nearly 49 percent of them support marriage equality, according to a recent study.

Philippine Church stands firm against gay marriage

Philippine Church stands firm against gay marriage

 The leadership of the Philippines` dominant Roman Catholic church stressed its opposition to legalising gay marriage on Sunday despite last week`s landmark decision by the US Supreme Court.

Thousands celebrate Dublin Pride after marriage vote

Tens of thousands of revellers created a carnival atmosphere on the streets of Dublin on Saturday in the first gay Pride parade since Ireland became the first country in the world to vote for same-sex marriage.

US legalises gay marriages: Indian LGBTs voice hope, apprehension

 Those who logged onto Facebook and Twitter on Saturday were in for a surprise as rainbow profiles and heart icons dominated the social media. Indian social media celebrated the US Supreme Court`s verdict legalising same-sex marriages as lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBTs) also cheered the move.

Seth MacFarlane quickly deletes his 'unfunny' gay-marriage joke on Twitter

Seth MacFarlane quickly deletes his 'unfunny' gay-marriage joke on Twitter

 Seth MacFarlane took to Twitter to crack a joke on legalized gay-marriage in the US, but he quickly deleted it after realising that it may not make people laugh.

US celebrities praise gay marriage ruling

Pop stars, Hollywood celebrities and even a few sporting figures were quick to join the chorus of praise Friday after the US Supreme Court legalized gay marriage across the country.