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Artificial comet decodes life's origin on Earth

Artificial comet decodes life's origin on Earth

Scientists have long wondered about the origin of these biological compounds.

Can plants be made to withstand climate change

Can plants be made to withstand climate change

Offering fresh insights into how plants regulate genetic material so that some genes are turned on while others are turned off, a new study has revealed how plants could better adapt to and survive environmental swings such as droughts or floods.

Kids born to unhealthy parents at higher risk of being unfit

A new study has demonstrated that children`s future health is influenced by health of their parents i.e. if a child is born to unhealthy parents then he will already have a greater risk of poor health.

How plants can produce species without sex

Plants can transfer their entire genetic material to a partner in an asexual manner, research reveals.

New maps for navigating human genome unveiled

Scientists have built the clearest picture yet of how our genetic material is regulated in order to make the human body work.

How antibiotic resistance spreads among bacteria

Researchers have uncovered the system that allows the sharing of genetic material between bacteria - and therefore the spread of antibiotic resistance.

Elusive step in human DNA replication process demystified

For the first time, scientists have "discovered how a key step in human DNA replication is performed."

Genetic material that enhances insulin production identified

A study by Michigan Technological University biologist has shed new lights into how a tiny snippet of genetic material can promote healthy insulin production in mice.