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SHOCKING! MP woman cuts off rapist's genitals then hands the severed member to police

SHOCKING! MP woman cuts off rapist's genitals then hands the severed member to police

She told the officers that it was the only way to stop her brother-in-law from repeatedly raping her. 

Self-acupressure to help relieve constipation

 A new research shows that people who are suffering from constipation can be relieved with the help of a simple technique called self-acupressure.

Angry man invites daughter's rapist for dinner, burns his genitals

A man in Delhi took law in his own hands when he decided to bring justice to his daughter who was sexually abused by a 45-year-old married man.

Asaram case: UP seer chops off genitals

A 60-year-old Hindu seer chopped off his genitals at Amethi in Uttar Pradesh, in an apparent protest against the alleged sexual assault on a girl by spiritual guru Asaram Bapu.

UK cop sacked for posting genitals snap online

Inspector Daemon Johnson, who worked with Northamptonshire Police, was fired after officers spotted the explicit photo online.

Man jailed for striking wife with genitals

An American has been jailed for five days after a court found him guilty of striking his estranged wife with his penis when she refused to have sex with him.

UK police arrest 2 over genital mutilation claims

Police say they have arrested two men after a newspaper reported that some medical staff in Britain were offering to perform female genital mutilation.

Malaysian woman slashes genitals of robber

A young Malaysian woman saved herself by slashing the genitals of a robber who tried to rape her, police said.

Bangladeshi has brick tied to genitals as punishme

Police said he had kidnapped and then forcibly married
a 12-year-old girl, who later managed to escape.

Pak woman chops off her ex-husband`s genitals

An attempt by a Pakistani man to
get in touch with his divorced wife ended in disaster as the
woman chopped off his genitals.

Genitals-removing doctor convicted in Australia

The doctor believed the operation in 2002 was necessary for medical reasons.