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Climate engineering may better protect coral reefs

When it comes to protecting coral reefs from rising seawater temperature, climate engineering could be a better method than conventional carbon dioxide (CO2) mitigation strategies, new research says.

Global warming to speed up if geoengineering is carried for decades and then stopped

A new research suggests that spraying reflective particles into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight and then stopping it, could exacerbate the problem of climate change.

Geoengineering the climate could reduce vital rains

Attempts to geoengineer the climate in order to lower greenhouse gases in the atmosphere could reduce vital rains in several parts of the world, including East Asia, a new study has found.

Geoengineering may drastically reduce `normal` rain and snow

A new study has showed that a significant build-up in greenhouse gases in atmosphere can change worldwide precipitation patterns, a widely discussed technological approach to reduce future global warming may also interfere with rainfall and snowfall.

Blocking sunlight could stop Arctic melting

Geoengineering can be applied to save the Arctic ice cap if targeted at specific regions of the planet, rather than cooling everywhere equally

Geoengineering may improve global food security

Reflecting sunlight away from the Earth to combat global warming will more likely have a positive impact on global food production rather than negative, a new study has revealed.

Geoengineering can save Earth from global warming

Reflecting a small amount of sunlight back into space before it strikes the Earth``s surface could reverse global warning, a new study has claimed.

Geoengineering may endanger marine life by decreasing oxygen in lakes

A team of scientists has claimed that geoengineering our climate with the help of volcanoes may result in a decrease in the level of oxygen in lakes, threatening marine life.