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Fragrance anyone? Touch-free car controls split world's drivers

Fragrance anyone? Touch-free car controls split world's drivers

Germans love the latest wave of touch-free car controls, which respond to the flick of a wrist or the swipe of a hand.

Nazi propaganda on racial hatred was ''very effective'': Study

  Nazi propaganda and indoctrination, focused on promoting racial hatred, had a "very effective" result, a study published by the University of California said.

Majority of Germans against Greece staying in euro: Poll

Majority of Germans against Greece staying in euro: Poll

A majority of Germans no longer support cash-strapped Greece staying in the eurozone, according to a poll published Friday, revealing a near 20-point jump from the start of the year.

Britons most 'prudish' about going nude on beaches in Europe

A new survey has revealed that Britons are most "prudish" about going nude on the beaches in Europe, while Spanish and Germans most likely to go commando.

Germans cannot turn backs on Nazi past, Merkel says

Germany cannot simply draw a line under its Nazi past and must remain sensitive to the damage it caused to other countries including Greece, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday, just ahead of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two.

Armies have no chance against IS if it keeps recruiting foreigners: Iraqi PM

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi told a German magazine that armies in the region around Iraq had no chance of defeating Islamic State (IS) if the militants continued to recruit ideologically indoctrinated foreign fighters.

Spain investigates malicious Tweets about air crash

The Spanish government said Wednesday it was hunting for the authors of malicious jokes on Twitter about the victims of the air crash in the French Alps.

One in three Germans say capitalism to blame for poverty, hunger

Nearly a third of Germans believe that capitalism is the cause of poverty and hunger and a majority think true democracy is not possible under that economic system, according to a survey published on Tuesday by the Emnid polling institute for Berlin`s Free University.

Australian, Germans feared dead on New Zealand mountain

An Australian and two Germans who went missing on New Zealand`s notorious Mount Cook are feared dead, police said Thursday, after days of fruitless aerial sweeps of the mountain.

Merkel warns Germans not to fall prey to anti-immigrant group

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday condemned a wave of protests against immigrants, asylum seekers and the "Islamisation" of the country and warned Germans not to be "exploited" by extremists.

Leader of German exiles calls postwar expulsion `a crime`

The expulsion of millions of Germans from eastern Europe after World War II was a "crime", the new leader of a group representing the exiles said in an interview with a Polish newspaper on Monday.

Islamist militants in Philippines release 2 kidnapped Germans

Two Germans held hostage for over six months by al Qaeda linked Islamist militants in the Philippines have been released.

Over 2,000 Germans volunteer to help battle Ebola

Over 2,000 Germans have heeded the government's call to register as volunteers for deployment to fight the Ebola virus disease outbreak in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the African Union (AU) said in a statement Monday.

Growing number of Germans going online to find love

A growing number of Germans are finding marriage partners through the internet, a new survey has found.

Germans OK Patriot missiles to defend Turkey

The Dutch Cabinet is expected to announce approval Friday contingent on parliamentary approval.

Letters to Hitler reveal his fame was shaky at times

Letters to Adolf Hitler from ordinary Germans, unearthed in a Russian archive, shed a whole new light on life under the Nazis.

Odisha: 5 Germans defy ban, visit Maoist-hit areas

Defying ban orders, five Germans entered a Maoist-hit area in Bolangir district and stayed there for a week before being picked up by police.

Ethiopia rebels say holding 2 Germans after attack

An Ethiopian rebel group said at the weekend it had kidnapped two German tourists and two Ethiopians.

Diary shows Germans could have known of Nazi horrors

The newly published diary of an indignant small-town official in Nazi Germany has stirred the sensitive debate over how much ordinary Germans knew of atrocities committed under Hitler.

Two Germans missing in Afghanistan

The pair vanished near the Salang Pass, a major route through the Hindu Kush mountains.