Merkel warns Germans not to fall prey to anti-immigrant group

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday condemned a wave of protests against immigrants, asylum seekers and the "Islamisation" of the country and warned Germans not to be "exploited" by extremists.

Leader of German exiles calls postwar expulsion `a crime`

The expulsion of millions of Germans from eastern Europe after World War II was a "crime", the new leader of a group representing the exiles said in an interview with a Polish newspaper on Monday.

Islamist militants in Philippines release 2 kidnapped Germans

Two Germans held hostage for over six months by al Qaeda linked Islamist militants in the Philippines have been released.

Over 2,000 Germans volunteer to help battle Ebola

Over 2,000 Germans have heeded the government's call to register as volunteers for deployment to fight the Ebola virus disease outbreak in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the African Union (AU) said in a statement Monday.

Growing number of Germans going online to find love

A growing number of Germans are finding marriage partners through the internet, a new survey has found.

Germans OK Patriot missiles to defend Turkey

The Dutch Cabinet is expected to announce approval Friday contingent on parliamentary approval.

One in five Germans ready to sacrifice sex for Internet

A survey conducted for Lifestyle magazine ‘Neon’ has revealed that nearly 20 per cent of young Germans would prefer to go without sex than to give up using the Internet for a year.

Letters to Hitler reveal his fame was shaky at times

Letters to Adolf Hitler from ordinary Germans, unearthed in a Russian archive, shed a whole new light on life under the Nazis.

Odisha: 5 Germans defy ban, visit Maoist-hit areas

Defying ban orders, five Germans entered a Maoist-hit area in Bolangir district and stayed there for a week before being picked up by police.

Ethiopia rebels say holding 2 Germans after attack

An Ethiopian rebel group said at the weekend it had kidnapped two German tourists and two Ethiopians.

Diary shows Germans could have known of Nazi horrors

The newly published diary of an indignant small-town official in Nazi Germany has stirred the sensitive debate over how much ordinary Germans knew of atrocities committed under Hitler.

Two Germans missing in Afghanistan

The pair vanished near the Salang Pass, a major route through the Hindu Kush mountains.

Germans brew more beer for first time since 2007

Warm weather and a strong export market in the first six months of the year have helped German brewers reverse a long decline in beer production.

Hitler’s Germany: Civilians killed camp survivors

A new book chronicles how German civilians murdered many concentration camp survivors.

Germans detained in Iran meet families

Two German journalists detained in Iran since October have met their families, an official said on Tuesday.

Germans say goodbye to Goa due to filth: Experts

The filth on Goa beaches and
expensive holidays has made the state less preferred vacation
gateway for the Germans, an expert said.

Germans more negative towards Muslims than others

Only about one third of Germans think positively of their Muslim neighbours, a much lower proportion than in other western European countries, according to a new poll.

Two Germans killed in Vietnam fireworks blast

Two Germans were among four people
killed when fireworks being prepared for Hanoi`s millennium celebrations exploded.

Drone strike kills 8 Germans in northwest Pakistan

Militants of German nationality were members of a group called Jihad Islami.

Germans, Brits behind Europe terror plot: Official

Eight Germans and two British brothers are at the heart of an al Qaeda-linked terror plot against European cities.