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Newborns can't actually copy our gestures

After testing young infants repeatedly over their first couple of months, researchers found no evidence at all that very young infants are capable of imitation.

Lie-detecting software using court data developed

By studying videos from high-stakes court cases, researchers from University of Michigan have built a prototype of a lie-detecting software based on real-world data.

Move over 2D! Scientists develop 3D computer cursors

In a first, researchers from the University of Montreal have developed a technique that enables computer cursors to interact in 3D scenarios.

New app allows your smartphone to understand gestures

New app allows your smartphone to understand gestures

Researchers have developed a first of its kind app that enables users to operate their smartphone using gestures.

Human-like robot `Pepper` can analyze gestures, expressions and voice tones

Japanese telecommunications and Internet Corporation, Softbank has unveiled a human-like robot called Pepper that can analyze gestures, expressions and voice tones.

Squiggly lines on screens could be future of passwords

Researchers are exploring the security and memorability of free-form gestures as passwords.

Soon, bring home a self-driving car

Are we heading towards a future when a car, not a driver, can safely bring us home?

Meet SociBot-Mini, a robot that can recognise your gestures

Here is some good news for al those who love robots. Will Jackson and his colleagues at Engineered Arts in Penryn, UK have developed a talking robot which can guess your mood by your gestures.

Maths can be made easier with gestures

Children who use their hands to gesture during a math lesson gain a deep understanding of the problems they are taught, research shows.

Chimps use gestures to communicate during food hunting

Researchers have claimed that chimpanzees are capable of using gestures to communicate as they pursue specific goals, like finding a hidden piece of food.

Kids who gesture perform better in cognitive tasks

A new study has shown that children who use gestures perform better than their peers in cognitive tasks.

Apes and human infants show similar communicative gestures

Researchers have found that a female chimpanzee, a female bonobo and a female human infant showed similar gestures during the communicative development stages.

Soon, TV that obeys voice commands and gestures!

Apple computer company is devising a new television, nicknamed the iTV, that not only hears your shouts and sees your gestures – but can understand them too.

Orangutans use 40 gestures to communicate!

You may call it the ape lexicon,
but orangutans use 40 gestures to communicate, say scientists.