Russell Crowe a closet karaoke fan: Amanda Seyfried

Russell Crowe is a closet karaoke fan who loves singing Adele`s hits, as revealed by his `Les Miserables` co-star Amanda Seyfried.

Jack Gleeson reveals Game of Thrones` role `inspired by Joaquin Phoenix`

Game of Thrones` star Jack Gleeson has revealed that his role was inspired by Joaquin Phoenix in ` Gladiator `.

Russell Crowe asks Pope to attend screening of biblical film `Noah`

Russell Crowe is the latest celebrity to ask Pope Francis to attend the screening of his biblical drama ` Noah `

Why is Joaquin Phoenix terrified of fans?

Joaquin Phoenix says unlike other Hollywood superstars, who are accustomed to the lack of privacy arising due to stardom, he feels petrified when fans approach him for autographs and pictures.

Russell Crowe gives thumbs up to Man of Steel prequel idea

Russell Crowe has admitted that he would be ready to reprise his role in the `Man of Steel` prequel, if it is ever made.

Russell Crowe keen to act in `Man of Steel` prequel

‘Gladiator’ actor Russell Crowe is keen to star in ‘Man of Steel’ prequel.