New twist to Goa's peculiar 'dual nationality' issue

Portugal's new consul general in Goa has given a new spin to the simmering row on the eligibility of indigenous Goans for Portuguese nationality, an issue that has forced the state government to approach the central government for help.

Goans to get fish at subsidised rate

Goa government will provide fish at subsidised rates to rein in its soaring prices.

Goans vying for Portuguese nationality

The number of Goans opting for the
Portuguese nationality has risen steadily over the last three
years, according to the Election Commission statistics.

Long term visas for Goans settled abroad

The Union Home Ministry has advised
Indian missions abroad to extend long-term visas to Goans
settled abroad, NRI Commissioner Eduardo Faleiro has said.

Younger Goans in Portugal prefer movies to culture

Younger generations of Portuguese citizens of Goan origin would "rather go watch a movie", than listen to stories and facts about their Goan heritage.