Dolly Parton defends Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus` godmother Dolly Parton has defended the singer, saying she also faced criticism in her young days.

Dolly Parton upset with Miley Cyrus?

Singer-songwriter Dolly Parton, who is the godmother of Miley Cyrus, is reportedly upset with the pop star as she hardly spends time with her.

Cowell asks ex-girlfriend Sinitta to be son`s godmother!

Singer Sinitta has revealed that her ex-boyfriend and music mogul Simon Cowell has asked her to be his son Eric`s godmother.

Gujarat HC issues notice to minister Babu Bokhiriya

Gujarat High Court issued notice to Minister of Cooperation on petition filed by daughter-in-law of deceased Santokben Jadeja, who was known as "Godmother".

Obamas` Christmas gift for godmother delivered to wrong family

A Chicago-area family got a belated Christmas surprise this week - a book of family photos from the White House meant for the Obama girls` godmother, according to media reports and the White House.

Eva Longoria to be godmother of Beckham baby

Singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham has asked actress Eva Longoria to be the godmother of her unborn daughter.

`Godmother` leaves behind terror legacy

There was a time when locals of
the coastal town of Porbandar in Gujarat claimed that blood
came out of taps instead of water in the house of former
gangster Santokben Jadeja alias `godmother`.

Alleged underworld gangster Santokben `Godmother` Jadeja dies

Alleged underworld gangster and
former independent MLA Santokben Jadeja, popularly known as
`Godmother`, on Tuesday night died of a heart attack in Porbandar.

Will Hurley still be godmother to Elton John’s baby after Warne ‘debacle’?

Elizabeth Hurley is worried that she might be snubbed as godmother to Elton John’s baby especially after the ‘debacle’ with Shane Warne.

Godmother`s son Jadeja handed over to Rajkot CID crime

Kandhal Jadeja, son of former
independent MLA Santokben Jadeja alias `Godmother`, was on Monday
handed over to Rajkot CID crime here and is likely to be
produced before a local court, police said.