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Know what Arjun Kapoor has to say about ‘looks’

Know what Arjun Kapoor has to say about ‘looks’

Arjun will be seen playing an IIT graduate and a house husband in the R Balki directorial.

Vishal Bharadwaj has given me good looks in his films: Shahid

Vishal Bharadwaj has given me good looks in his films: Shahid

 Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor, who will be seen in a different avatar in Vishal Bharadwaj's "Rangoon", said the director has always given him good looks in his films.

Know what attracts men towards women

Know what attracts men towards women

Most men still perceive beauty based on the whole physical appearance of women rather than isolated body parts as previously believed, new research has revealed.

Kalki Koechlin feels good looks not enough to survive in Bollywood

Kalki Koechlin feels good looks not enough to survive in Bollywood

 Kalki Koechlin decided to become an actor as she felt it was a job she would not get bored off. Her fans aren't complaining though. The actress is excited about her upcoming film 'Margarita with a Straw' where she will be seen portraying the role of 'Laila', a teenager with raging hormones, who happens to be in a wheelchair and falls in love with a girl.

Lena Dunham doesn't want to look like 'monster'

Lena Dunham doesn't want to look like 'monster'

Actress-writer Lena Dunham has vowed to take photo shoots seriously to look good.

Cameron Diaz not obsessed with youthful looks

Cameron Diaz doesn`t want to be "stagnant" and fails to understand why society gives so much emphasis on youthful looks.

Good looks can make you hero, not actor: Nawazuddin

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui believes he looks "dull", but has still managed to carve a niche in the Hindi film industry. He says good looks may guarantee a hero`s spot, but not acting skills.

Appearance urges mothers to diet

Ill-fitting clothes, unflattering photos and health concerns are the top three reasons why mothers are spurred on to lose weight, according to a survey.

Women spend over six hours per week on looks

It`s a known fact that women dedicate good number of hours on their appearance.

Sofia Vergara doesn`t take good looks for granted

Sofia Vergara, 41, was delighted to see a "good" photograph of herself in a thong bikini, but says at this age, she doesn`t take her looks for granted.

Robert Pattinson frets overs his looks

Robert Pattinson has become more conscious about his looks as he knows he is going to be photographed wherever he goes.

The Image Business Booms

Image Management — two words appear to have grabbed hold of people`s minds, mannerisms, and yes, their wardrobes too.

Do good looks really matter in Bollywood?

‘Kolaveri Di’ star Dhanush could well be the dusky roadside Romeo, you would choose to ignore.

Being healthy key to good looks

Good nutrition, exercise and sun protection are the best things for appearance and self-esteem, Australia`s head of cosmetic surgery has said.

Talent is nothing without personality, says Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes has said that looks and talent count for absolutely nothing if you don`t have a pleasant personality to accompany them.

Tips to look your best when hungover

With the arrival of holiday party season, the probability of suffering hangovers is pretty high, but no need to worry.

Money doesn`t make you look good, says Kelly Osbourne

Singer Kelly Osbourne says her fashion motto is "You don`t have to be rich to look good," and advises girls to buy fake designer goods.

Happiness model may help people go from good to great

The sayings “variety is the spice of life” and “happiness isn’t getting what you want, but wanting what you get” apparently have a psychological basis.

Pixie Lott prefers mannerism over good looks

Singer Pixie Lott says personality is more important for her than looks and that`s the reason she likes gentlemen.The 20-year-old is in a relationship with model Oliver Cheshire.

Dianna Agron credits ‘sleeping a lot’ for good looks

Dianna Agron has attributed her good looks to “sleeping a lot” and eating healthy.