Android apps can now be run on Mac or PC with Google Chrome

Android apps can now be run on Mac or PC with Google Chrome 

Google to improve scrolling problems in Chrome with Microsoft's Pointer events

 Google has announced its decision to adopt a standard that would allow both mouse and touch navigation for its Chrome browser.

WikiTweaks for Chrome restyles Wikipedia to avoid content distractions

WikiTweaks for Chrome has restyled Wikipedia that can help users to avoid distractions from the links within the text body and stay focused on the main content.

Google unveils `Project Zero` hacker squad to defend people against cyber-attacks

Tech titan Google on Wednesday unveiled `Project Zero` - a team of elite hackers designated for checking internet security holes and defending people from cyber-attacks.

New Google Chrome browser extension lets you track when your email was opened, read

A new extension for Google Chrome browser allows users to track where and when their email was opened and read by a recipient.

Popular web browsers face threat of mischievous attacks

Multiple vulnerabilities have been detected in popular web browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Google launches new toolset to port Chrome apps to Android and iOS

Internet search giant Google has reportedly launched a toolset, which will help developers port their apps from Chrome desktop browser to iOS and Android.

Google announces whopping $2.71 million reward for hacking Chrome OS!

Get ready for Google`s challenge and hold your breaths! Google has reportedly announced a whopping 2.7 million dollars bounty if security experts are able to hack its Chrome browser-based OS at the Pwnium 4 hacking contest.

Google rolls out `parental control` feature for Chrome

Google has reportedly introduced parental control to its Chrome web browser allowing parents to monitor and control the browsing behaviour of their children.

Google Chrome security bug reveals saved passwords

A security bug has been discovered in Google Chrome browser that allows the software to automatically display users` saved passwords while importing bookmarks from other browser.

Google Chrome temporarily blocks Twitpic over ‘malicious malware threat’

Google has blocked millions of Twitter accounts, saying that the micro blogging site’s picture sharing service, Twitpic, is a ‘malicious threat’ to computers.

Chrome wins weekend browser battle with IE: Report

Google Inc`s Chrome web browser overtook Microsoft Corp`s Internet Explorer to become market leader globally for the first time last Sunday.

Google Chrome hacked in five minutes

Hackers have defeated Google Chrome for the first time in an annual competition to test the security of the most popular web browser.

Google imposes penalty on ‘Chrome’ home page

The home page of Google Chrome has been demoted from the search result after it came under heavy scrutiny for using paid links in spam pages to endorse their software.

Google Chrome 2nd most liked in browser usage

Google Chrome has overtaken Mozilla Firefox to become the second most widely used web browser in the world, according to new statistics.

Google Chrome is third most popular browser

Google Chrome is now the world`s third most popular web browser with one in five users preferring it.

Rise of Google Chrome threatens Internet Explorer, Mozilla

Web browser Google Chrome, which emerged in mid-2008, has hit Internet Explorer hard.