Google Hangouts, Chat, Spreadsheets go offline for several hours

Google`s chat services and Drive reportedly went offline affecting widespread users.

Google Drive, Docs go offline for more than 5 hours

Google`s cloud storage service Drive reportedly experienced a glitch that sent the service unavailable for more than five hours.

Gmail`s new Google Drive integration lets you save attachments without downloading

With Drive integration, users can view pictures and other files in full-screen preview windows when they click on them.

Keep your phone, web notes synced with new `Google Keep`

Google has launched a new app that would allow users to sync their notes and to-do lists across their computer, phone and tablet using Google account.

Nivio launches app to access files on Google cloud

Google Drive is the newly launched cloud storage service by the global search giant.

Google launches storage service for personal files

Google is hoping to build the world`s largest digital filing cabinet in the latest attempt to deepen people`s dependence on its services.