Now control `Google Now` with personalized voice commands

With a new app called Commandr, users can have their personalize d voice commands on Google Now.

Now correct Google Now with `No, I said` command

Google has come up with a new voice command `No, I said` that helps users correct Google now.

Multi-language support in Google Now delayed: Reports

Google is still working on multi language support system on Google Now which was to be launched in the few days hence postponing the launch.

Google`s updated iOS search app responds to `OK Google` voice command

Google has reportedly rolled out an update to its iOS search app that includes a feature to do voice search with ` OK Google` command, similar to that of Apple`s Siri.

Google likely to unveil own smartwatch

Google is reportedly set to enter the smartwatch market with its own range of a smart wrist gadget.

Google pushes personal assistant on Apple devices

Google announced today it will offer its personal assistant app Google Now to users of Apple devices, stepping up its challenge to its rival`s Siri program.