India`s only gorilla Polo no more

India`s only gorilla, Polo died at Mysore Zoo here due to respiratory infection and age related ailments.

Skeleton discovery suggests human ancestor had gorilla-like upper body

A new research into the discovery of partial skeleton, suggests that the human ancestor characterized by "robust" jaw and skull bones was a muscular creature with a gorilla-like upper body, and more adaptive to its environment than previously believed.

Freida Pinto strips for Bruno Mars' ‘Gorilla’

Dusky beauty Freida Pinto has shed her inhibitions by stripping for Bruno Mars’ new music video- ‘Gorilla’.

Extroverted gorillas live longer: Study

Gorillas with an outgoing personality live longer - just like humans - than their introvert peers, a new study has found.

Gorilla genome sheds new light on human evolution

Scientists have sequenced the genome of the gorilla and say it gives new insights into differences between the apes and humans.

When Ashish Chowdhary became a gorilla!

Ashish not only slipped into the garb of a woman, but also that of a gorilla.

Uganda to launch `Friend a gorilla`

Uganda is poised to launch a scheme to allow gorilla lovers short of time or money to visit the endangered apes to become virtual friends with them on the net, officials said.