Weekend special Recipe: Chilly Garlic Fish
Weekend special Recipe: Chilly Garlic Fish

Try this amazing and succulent fish recipe with your friends this weekend.


Recipe: Simple Red Velvet Mousse
Recipe: Simple Red Velvet Mousse

Try this lovely dessert.


  • Baking chocolate, coarsely chopped 150 gms
  • Heavy cream 2 cups
  • Red Food Color 1 Tbspn
  • Vanilla Essence 1 teaspn
  • Sugar ¼ cup


Recipe: Wasabi Waterchestnuts
Recipe: Wasabi Waterchestnuts

Try is innovative Water Chestnut recipe


Wasabi Sauce (500gm)

210 gm Wasabi Powder
150 gm Milk Powder
110 gm Mayonnaise
60  gm  Sugar
10 Lime
10 gm Wasabi Paste

Mix all the ingredients together.

Recipe: Vegetable Stroganoff
Recipe: Vegetable Stroganoff

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Recipe: Malfouf

Try the delicious stuffed cabbage roll

Recipe: Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Try the exotic Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Recipe: Feta green salad with mango vinaigrette

A fresh market greens and Feta salad with mango vinaigrette

Recipe: Sweet potato sabzi

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Recipe: Cold Corn Salad

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Recipe: Mango Lassi

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Ram Navami Special recipe: Sabudaana Kheer

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Navratri special recipe: Falahari dosa
Navratri special recipe: Falahari dosa

Try this easy to cook Falhari Dosa in this Navratri.

Navratri Special recipe: Sabudana Pakora
Navratri Special recipe: Sabudana Pakora

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Navratri Special recipe: Palak pakora

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Recipe: Cabbage Paratha

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Recipe: Healthy Zucchini Muffins

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Recipe:Ginger Ale

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Recipe: Khus Mocktail

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Recipe: Vegetable Pasta

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Recipe:Prawn Sandwich

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