Thai man charged with insulting royals for toilet graffiti

A 67-year-old Thai man has been charged with insulting the monarchy after scribbling anti-royal comments on public toilet walls, an official said on Friday, the latest charge under the controversial lese majeste law.

Graffiti mars sacred Indian site in US

Graffiti expressing affection for someone named Miranda has marred one of the most sacred sites for an American Indian tribe in Washington state.

Vandals deface Tatar mosque with graffiti in Poland

Vandals have defaced a mosque in a Tatar region of eastern Poland with graffiti, a local community leader said on Sunday.

Israel needs `iron fist` against anti-Arab hate crime

Israel must tackle anti-Arab hate crime with an "iron fist," a top minister said on Monday as police confirmed arresting seven minors over racist graffiti and spitting at a priest.

Pope as superman: Vatican tweets graffiti of hero pontiff

Pope Francis as superman, flying through the air with his white cape billowing out behind him, the image graffitied by an anonymous artist onto a wall in Rome was tweeted by the Vatican.

Justin Bieber told to clean graffiti from Australian hotel

Pop Star Justin Bieber has been asked to clean up the spray painted wall in a Queensland hotel which he graffitied with his entourage.

Justin Bieber gets in trouble in Brazil

Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber is the subject of a complaint filed against him with Brazilian authorities for allegedly scrawling graffiti on the wall.

German railways to test anti-graffiti drones

Germany`s national railway company, Deutsche Bahn, plans to test small drones to try to reduce the amount of graffiti being sprayed on its property by vandals at night.

Racist, sexist graffiti over new World Trade Center bathrooms

Workers in World Trade Center have been ordered to clean the racist and sexist graffiti symbolizing national unity in bathrooms.

Graffiti removed from Kerala airport, courtesy minister

It needed Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh`s intervention to have obscene graffiti on national women leaders removed from Thiruvananthapuram airport.

German artists connect to India with hip-hop graffiti

A 50-yard stretch of a boundary wall behind the German Embassy in Delhi has become a live hip-hop graffiti art memorial.

No more graffiti: Pak court to political parties

A court in Pakistan has directed political parties to refrain from graffiti.

Hollywood actor Jim Carrey tries graffiti

The actor was also seen admiring his handiwork, before he returned inside his home.

Roshan Abbas`s film adaptation of his hit play `Graffiti`

Radio Jockey and TV host Roshan Abbas is all charged up for his upcoming film which is inspired from his play `Graffiti`

Graffiti art brightens war-torn Afghan capital

A new Afghan art collective has brought graffiti to the Muslim nation.

Swiss pleads guilty to spraying Singapore graffiti

Vandalism in Singapore carries fine of up to $1,437 in addition to caning.

Moscow`s graffiti artists come out in summer

After a long winter, Russian graffiti artists have come out to change Moscow`s eternally grey urban landscape into something brighter even, if it is illegal.

`Death to Russians`: Graffiti appears on Moscow metro

Days after Muslim Chechen
militants carried out a carnage in Moscow metro killing 52
people, a graffiti calling for the `death to Russians` was
found plastered at one of the subway station.