Bangladesh passes bill to tighten control on Grameen Bank

Bangladesh has passed a bill to tighten control on Grameen Bank, triggering a controversy as its founder Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus said the move would lead to the "ultimate destruction" of the microcredit lender.

Bangladesh govt orders legal action against Muhammad Yunus

Government ordered legal action against Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus, for claiming tax exemption for income from foreign sources, misuse of power and violating foreign travel regulations.

Govt-appointed chairman of Bangladesh`s Grameen Bank quits

The Chairman of Bangladesh`s Grameen Bank Khondaker Muzammel Huq, who replaced Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus as the head of the pioneering micro lending agency, has quit.

Bangladesh opposition joins protests over Grameen`s proposed split

Bangladesh`s main opposition party BNP has joined growing protests at home and abroad against a proposed split of Nobel Prize-winning Grameen Bank, two years after its iconic founder Muhammad Yunus was forced to quit.

Amartya Sen denies having made remarks on Grameen Bank founder

Amarta Sen denies having made remarks on Grameen Bank founder, after a Bangladeshi minster has misquoted Sen.

Bangladesh Minister accuses Yunus of campaign against country

Bangladeshi Finance Minister on Sunday accused Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus of running a "harmful campaign" against the country.

US concerned over move to curb independence of Grameen Bank

US on Sunday appealed to the Bangladeshi government to ensure independence of the pioneering micro lending agency.

Yunus fears Grameen Bank`s takeover by government

Yunus said he always expressed his apprehension about the possibility of the government taking over the bank.

Yunus extremely worried over Grameen Bank`s future

Yunus had resigned from the Grameen Bank last year following a protracted dispute with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina`s government.

Bangladesh forms panel to probe Grameen Bank

Bangladesh on Wednesday set up a commission to review the operations of pioneering microlender Grameen Bank and 54 related entities.

Rs 42 lakh looted from Howrah bank

Cash worth Rs 42 lakh was
found to have been looted away from Grameen Bank in Howrah
district today, police said.

B’desh’s Yunus seeks review of dismissal verdict?

Muhammad Yunus sought a review of an apex court verdict that unseated him from his position as Grameen Bank`s chief.

Yunus rubbishes accusation of lobbying against WB

Yunus stepped down in May last year as the managing director of Grameen Bank.

Yunus asks Grameen Bank members to guard against takeover bids

Muhammad Yunus caution came after his resignation as MD of Grameen Bank.

Nobel laureate Yunus quits bank after court ruling

Muhammad Yunus has left the Grameen Bank to "prevent undue disruption".

Yunus expresses concern about Grameen Bank`s future

Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus founded the Grameen Bank in 1983.

Yunus remains Grameen Bank chief despite court verdicts

This is despite three verdicts upholding Muhammad Yunus` removal by Bangladesh Bank.

Md Yunus loses final attempt to remain chief of Grameen Bank

Bangladesh`s Supreme Court on Thursday
dismissed a final bid by Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus to
overturn an order sacking him from the pioneering
micro-finance bank he founded nearly three decades ago.

Bangladesh says Yunus`s Grameen `flouting` rules

The investigation into Grameen Bank cleared the bank of
misusing Norwegian aid.

French President supports Grameen`s Yunus

Sarkozy expressed his strong support for Grameen Bank`s founder in a letter.