World's first computer more complex than previously believed

 A new study has revealed that the Greeks were able to predict eclipses and engineer a highly complex machine-sometimes called the world's first computer-at an earlier stage than believed.

Greek journalist acquitted in Swiss accounts trial

A Greek journalist, who went on trial in Athens for violating the country`s data privacy laws and publishing the names of 2,000 suspected tax evaders, was acquitted.

`Europe must be sensitive to Greek people`

Europe must take steps to help revive the Greek economy, according to French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici.

Greece polls: Narrow win for pro-bailout New Democracy

Latest projections show Greece`s conservative New Democracy party will narrowly finish first in the Parliamentary Elections.

Greeks punish pro-bailout parties: Exit polls

Greece is holding the first general election since the debt crisis hit the country in late 2009.

Greeks hold 1st major strike under new government

The strike is the first such test for new technocrat Prime Minister Lucas Papademos.

Greek Prime Minister to reshuffle Cabinet

The discussions came as anti-austerity riots hit central Athens.

France`s wine history

French may owe their passion for wine to Ancient Greeks, a study said.