Protesters in Green Zone, Iraq's PM Haider al-Abadi calls for punishment of rioters

Protesters in Green Zone, Iraq's PM Haider al-Abadi calls for punishment of rioters

Thousands of protesters were inside Baghdad`s Green Zone Sunday after breaking into the fortified area and storming the parliament, as Iraq`s premier called for rioters to be pursued and punished.

Iraqi PM opens Green Zone to all citizens

A statement from the premier's office says al-Abadi was the first to pass through the newly-opened Green Zone, or the International Zone as it is officially known.

Iraq PM orders forces to prepare to open Green Zone

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has ordered security forces to prepare to open Baghdad`s heavily fortified Green Zone government and embassy area to the public, his office said Friday.

`Massive security deployment around Baghdad green zone`

Iraqi police, army and counter-terrorism forces were deployed in unusually high numbers across strategic locations in Baghdad overnight, security sources said on Sunday.

Suicide car bombs kill 9 in Baghdad Green Zone

The bombers appeared to be targeting motorcades of 2 senior govt officials.

Three contractors killed in Green Zone rocket attack

Three security contractors working
for the US government were killed in a rocket attack on
Baghdad`s heavily-fortified Green Zone on Thursday, the American
embassy said.

Iraqi Green Zone attack suspects released

US and Iraqi forces detained three Iraqis after rocket attacks on Baghdad`s fortified Green Zone district during a trip by US Vice President Joe Biden, the US military said on Wednesday, but later released them.

Baghdad Green Zone attacked during Biden visit

Four mortar shells landed in the Green Zone as Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Iraq Tuesday on a previously unannounced mission to help the country resolve its differences ahead of America`s military withdrawal.