Same natural forces triggered climate change 1.4 bn years ago
Same natural forces triggered climate change 1.4 bn years ago

Researchers have found geological evidence that some of the same natural forces as today were at play 1.4 billion years ago and triggered climate change.

How to find an infant Earth

 New research from Cornell University shows where - and when infant Earths are most likely to be found.

Atmospheric CO2 to fortify energy storage devices

Researchers from Oregon State University (OSU) have discovered a new way to use some of the atmospheric carbon dioxide behind the greenhouse effect to make an advanced, high-value material for use in energy storage products.

It's official that carbon-emissions do result in global warming
It's official that carbon-emissions do result in global warming

A new research has confirmed how global warming links to carbon emissions.

`Natural cooling fluctuation` masked greenhouse effect during last decade: Study

A new study has revealed that a natural cooling fluctuation between 1998 and 2013 largely masked the warming effects of a continued increase in man-made emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

Carbon emission: Know all about it

As the name suggests, it is manly the amount of Carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted into the atmosphere including many gases that negatively influence the quality of the air subsequently increasing the greenhouse effect.

Forests stabilised Earth`s CO2 levels millions of years ago

Researchers in the UK have identified a biological mechanism that could explain how the Earth`s atmospheric carbon dioxide and climate were stabilised over the past 24 million years.

Quick recipe for producing cheaper hydrogen discovered

Scientists have discovered a quick-cook recipe for copious volumes of hydrogen (H2).

Geoengineering techniques may fail to undo climate change

Researchers have showed that reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the planet`s surface by geoengineering may not undo climate change after all.

Shrinking glaciers won`t affect South Asia water availability: Study

Glacier systems that feed two key rivers in South Asia will badly retreat this century, but demands for water are still likely to be met, a study predicted Sunday.

Amplified greenhouse effect turning Earth`s northern latitudes greener

A NASA-funded study has found that temperature and vegetation growth at Earth`s northern latitudes now increasingly resembles those lusher latitudes to the south.

`Large portions of Earth drying up`

The soils in large swaths of the world have been drying up, a new study has found.

`Short-term atmospheric changes increase greenhouse effect`

The sensitivity of earth`s atmosphere is greater than previously thought and even slow changes such as melting ice sheets amplify initial warming.