Soon, pill to cut methane gas production by cows

A compound added to the feed of high-producing dairy cows reduces methane emissions by 30 percent and could have ramifications for global climate change, says a new study.

China's new rice to abate global warming?

Report of a new rice cultivated by China is sure to be a welcome news for those worried about global warming and climate change.

Oceans need big reduction in greenhouse gases
Oceans need big reduction in greenhouse gases

Our oceans need an immediate and substantial reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Otherwise, there will be far-reaching and irreversible impacts on marine ecosystems, says a study.

Eco-friendly cars running on air? Indian scientists show the way

Indian scientists have shown a new route to make fuel cells more efficient, thus pushing further the possibility that cars could one day run on air.

Audi making diesel fuel from water, air

Audi has begun the production of a synthetic diesel fuel "e-diesel" by just using water and air unlike conventional fossil fuels that contains sulphur.

US will `set an example for world` on climate change: John Kerry

The United States intends to "set an example for the world" in fighting climate change, Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday, adding that the issue is a US foreign policy priority.

US researchers advance artificial photosynthesis
US researchers advance artificial photosynthesis

US researchers have created a hybrid system of semiconducting nanowires and bacteria to mimic the natural photosynthetic process, an advancement they believe could be a potentially game-changing breakthrough.

India takes 'significant step' in HFC decision: US envoy

India`s surprise decision to agree to phase-down the use of a potent greenhouse gas after years of opposition is a "significant step" toward global action to address climate change, the U.S. State Department`s climate change envoy said Friday.

Emission intensity of GDP to be reduced by 20-25% by 2020

The emission intensity of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will be reduced by 20-25 per cent by 2020 from the 2005 level without reckoning the emissions from agriculture sector, Lok Sabha was informed Tuesday.

Volcanoes may have caused triggered water flow on early Mars

 A new study has revealed that volcanism and greenhouse gas could have warmed Mars sufficiently, but only for tens or hundreds of years at a time, which could have triggered water flow.

Revealed: How carbon dioxide moves around the globe
Revealed: How carbon dioxide moves around the globe

A high-resolution NASA computer model has given scientists a stunning new look at how carbon dioxide in the atmosphere travels around the globe.

India refrains from opposing UN discussion on Hydrofluorocarbons

 In a significant move, India today did not oppose participation in a discussion on the issue of harmful greenhouse gas hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) under the UN Montreal Protocol on ozone-depleting substances.

Reconstituted climate panel reviews progress by national missions
Reconstituted climate panel reviews progress by national missions

Ahead of next month's UN climate conference in Lima, the reconstituted Executive Committee on Climate Change Friday reviewed the progress made by the eight national missions under the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC).

US, China announce 'historic' climate change goals
US, China announce 'historic' climate change goals

Top greenhouse gas emitters China and the US today announced a "historic" pact that could cut their emissions by close to a third over the next two decades, as President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart Barack Obama held talks to push forward new type of major-country ties.

Natural gas expansion not enough to slow climate change
Natural gas expansion not enough to slow climate change

In a new study, scientists have found that natural gas alone was not enough to slow the growth of global greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

White House tackles HFC emissions to slash global warming

The Obama administration today said it will slash emissions of hydroflourocarbons (HFCs), a potent greenhouse gas used to fuel refrigerators and air conditioners that contributes to global warming.

White House warns climate inaction could cost US billions

Delaying efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions could cost the US USD 150 billion per year, the White House warned today in a report on the economic consequences of inaction on climate change.

Increase in atmospheric moisture tied to human activities

Human activities are directly responsible for rising levels of atmospheric water vapour, the most abundant greenhouse gas and a key driver of global warming, scientists say.

NASA to launch satellite to track carbon pollution

The US space agency is to launch on Tuesday a satellite that tracks atmospheric carbon dioxide, a leading greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.

Amazon forests inhale more carbon dioxide than they emit: NASA study

In a finding that is seen as a significant factor in reducing global warming, a new NASA-led study confirmed that natural forests in the Amazon remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than they emit.