Greenland independence on back burner in snap election

Greenland voters are on Friday expected to focus on the Arctic territory`s economic future rather than independence from Denmark, in a snap election prompted by a corruption scandal.

Greenland government calls election amid PM expenses scandal

Greenland`s government has called an election for November 28 after an expenses scandal prompted Prime Minister Aleqa Hammond to step down as leader of her party.

Greenland PM asks for leave amid expense probe

Greenland Prime Minister Aleqa Hammond has applied for temporary leave while she is being investigated over the misuse of public funds, the Sermitsiaq newspaper said on Tuesday.

Greenland, Antarctic ice sheets losing volume

A new study has observed the changes in the altitude of Greenlandic and Antarctic glaciers.

Refreezing of deep ice sheets creates mysterious blocks in Greenland: Study

A new research has discovered a mysterious blocks of ice as tall as city skyscrapers and as wide as the island of Manhattan at the very bottom of the ice sheet in Greenland.

Foreign holiday preferred choice for Indians this summer: Survey

Travelling to international destinations for a holiday is the flavour this summer amongst Indians, according to a new trend report.

Greenland glacial melt could be more dangerous than previously believed

Researchers have said that Greenland`s icy reaches are far more vulnerable to warm ocean waters from climate change than had been thought.

Vikings used medieval compass for navigation even after sunset

New interpretations of a medieval compass suggest that the Vikings may have skillfully used the sun to operate the compass even when the sun had set below the horizon.

NASA`s laser technology to reveal ice melting impact on climate

A new laser-based technology from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) holds promise to tell how the melting of earth’s frozen regions may affect our climate.

Greenland`s ice sheet was smaller 3,000-5,000 years ago

Scientists have said that Greenland`s shrunken ice sheet was smaller than today about 3-5,000 years ago.

NASA to map Greenland ice sheet summer melt

For the first time, the Laser Vegetation Imaging Sensor, or LVIS, is set to fly aboard NASA`s new C-130 aircraft to map Greenland`s ice sheet and surrounding Arctic sea ice following a summer`s melt.

Greenland removes ban on uranium mining

Greenland`s parliament has voted in favor of removing a 25-year-old ban on uranium mining.

Greenland removes ban on uranium mining

Greenland`s parliament has voted in favour of removing a 25-year-old ban on uranium mining, paving the way for an industrial boom that the Arctic island hopes will help it gain independence from former colonial master Denmark.

Climate change may make Greenland greener by 2100

Climate change could lead to extensive growth of trees and bushes in large parts of Greenland - that are currently ice-free - by the end of the century, scientists predict.

Ice melt from icebergs to have massive impact on sea level rise

Stretches of ice on the coasts of Antarctica and Greenland are at risk of rapidly cracking apart and falling into the ocean, which could worsen sea level rise, according to new findings.

Jury still out on possible extent of Antarctic`s ice sheet melting by 2100

Researchers suggest that the time period of satellite observations of Greenland ice sheets and the Antarctic is still too short to be able to predict whether the accelerated loss of ice measured today will persist in future.

Huge ice sheets melting `at rate of 300bn tonnes a year`

Massive ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland are losing around 300 billion tonnes of ice every year, new research has indicated.

Greenland`s ice sheet melting rapidly

A new study has revealed that surface ice melt will be the dominant process controlling ice-loss from Greenland.

Melting glaciers account for third of sea-level rise

World`s shrinking glaciers contributed to almost a third of the sea-level rise between 2003 and 2009, a new study has found.

Thin clouds drove Greenland`s record-breaking 2012 ice melt

Thin, low-level clouds were instrumental in driving Greenland`s record-shattering ice melt last year, a new study has found.