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Guam votes for medical marijuana

Voters in the Pacific territory of Guam have backed legalising medical marijuana, despite opposition from governor Eddie Calvo, early results from a referendum showed Wednesday.

Guam killer gets life for Japanese tourist attack

A Guam man who killed three Japanese tourists and injured 11 more during a frenzied knife attack on the Pacific island was jailed for three life terms on Thursday.

No damage reported as 7.1 quake strikes northwest of Guam

  A magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck 25 miles (40 km) northwest of the Pacific island Guam on Wednesday, the US Geological Survey said, with no immediate reports of serious damage.

Guam man on trial for deadly Japanese tourist attack

A Guam man accused of killing three Japanese tourists and injuring 11 more in a frenzied knife attack went on trial Monday in the Pacific island nation.

‘B-52s show Guam is strategic point’

The flight of B-52 bombers from Guam into China`s newly declared air defence zone in the East China Sea underscores the island`s importance to national security, the territory`s delegate to Congress said.

North Korea delivers new round of war rhetoric

North Korea claims it had "powerful striking means" on standby while Seoul and Washington speculated that the country is preparing to test a medium-range missile during upcoming national celebrations.

Guam heightens alert level after North Korea threats

Guam tested its emergency alert system after warnings from North Korea identifying the island as a potential missile target.

`US working with China to defuse North Korea tension`

The recent rhetoric and actions taken by Pyongyang in the past few weeks present a real danger to the American interests in the region, Chuck Hagel said.

North Korea threat: US sending missile defence system to Guam

In the wake of continued heated rhetoric from North Korea, the United States is deploying a ballistic missile defence system in Guam.

North Korea vows to counter enemy N-threats

North Korea will counter enemy nuclear threats with even more powerful nuclear attacks, an official said Thursday.

US drone found in Philippines launched from Guam

Officials from the Philippines and the US Tuesday said an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) found off Masbate island was launched off Guam.

US House OKs budget for Marine transfer to Guam

The US House of Representatives has passed a key defence spending bill for fiscal 2013.

India thrash Pakistan 34-5 to enter 5 Nations rugby final

India thrashed Pakistan (34-5) in a heavily one-sided semi-final to enter the final of the HSBC Asian 5 Nations rugby Division II championships played at the Stadium Kelana Jaya on Wednesday.

US to remove 9,000 Marines from Japan`s Okinawa

The move is part of a broader arrangement designed to tamp down tensions in the US-Japan defence alliance.

US, Japan mull sending 4,700 Marines to Guam

The United States and Japan are hoping to break a stalemate over the US military presence on Okinawa.

`US to transfer Marines from Okinawa to Guam’

The United States and Japan have agreed to tweak a six-year-old agreement on Marines based on the southern island of Okinawa.

Japan, US agree to move fighter drills to Guam

Drills will be held in a bid to reduce heavy US military presence on Okinawa.

US sees delay in Marines` move to Guam from Japan

The move is part of a broader 2006 accord to reorganise US troops in Japan.

Delay in US marines` move from Okinawa to Guam: Report

Guam`s infrastructure can`t handle rapid construction schedule, says US Navy.

Guam not a substitute for Okinawa: US Marine commander

A top US Marine Corps commander struck a negative note about the idea that Guam could host all the Marines based in Okinawa, suggesting it would reduce response capability in the event of a contingency in the region near Japan.