US President Barack Obama signs defence bill despite Guantanamo shut down restrictions
US President Barack Obama signs defence bill despite Guantanamo shut down restrictions

US President Barack Obama signed a defence bill that includes restrictions on transfer of prisoners from Guantanamo Bay to Washington which will directly affect the shut down of the prison, the media reported on Thursday.

Obama signs bill making Gitmo closure tougher

The bill upholds a ban on transferring prisoners from Gitmo to the United States.

UAE takes five Yemeni prisoners freed by US from Guantanamo

Five men who have been held for more than 13 years at the US base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have been released.

Last prisoner of Guantanamo Bay released
Last prisoner of Guantanamo Bay released

Saudi national Shaker Aamer was held since 2002 but has never been charged or put on trial.

Islamic State 'Not My Cup of Tea', says British woman who travelled to Syria
Islamic State 'Not My Cup of Tea', says British woman who travelled to Syria

Shukee Begum, 33, travelled to Syria with her children to find her husband Jamal al-Harith.

Pentagon announces transfer of Guantanamo detainee to Saudi Arabia

The United States has transferred Abdul Shalabi, a detainee at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to the government of Saudi Arabia, the Pentagon said on Tuesday.

Barack Obama mulling options for closing Guantanamo prison: White House

The White House is considering a "wide array" of options for closing the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, spokesman Josh Earnest said on Monday, declining to rule out executive action as an option. 

Cuba ready to discuss `any issue` with US: Minister

Cuba is ready to discuss any issue with the United States, including human rights, its foreign minister told his US counterpart John Kerry on Friday as the latter made a historic visit to the island.

OAS rights group urges Guantanamo shutdown

 The human rights arm of the Organization of American States (OAS) called Wednesday for the United States to shut down Guantanamo Bay and to put detainees who face prosecution on trial in federal courts.

US moves six Yemeni Guantanamo detainees to Oman
US moves six Yemeni Guantanamo detainees to Oman

The United States transferred six Yemeni inmates from its Guantanamo Bay prison to Oman, the Pentagon said Saturday, part of a drive by President Barack Obama to close the controversial jail.

US appeals court sets aside conviction of bin Laden aide

 A US appeals court today set aside the military commission conviction of a Guantanamo Bay detainee who allegedly produced an al-Qaeda recruiting video and served as Osama bin Laden's personal assistant and public relations secretary.

US in touch with Qatar about Taliban detainee agreement: White House

 US officials have been in touch with leaders in Qatar about five Taliban detainees transferred there from the Guantanamo Bay prison and steps needed to protect the American people, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said on Friday.

Travel ban ends for Guantanamo inmates swapped for Bergdahl

A one-year travel ban is expiring for five senior Taliban leaders held in US detention at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, until they were released last year in exchange for US Army Sgt Bowe Bergdahl, raising the possibility that the five can move freely around the world as early as Monday.

Poland pays damages to CIA detainees

 Poland has paid part of the damages to two men detained in a secret CIA prison on Polish soil before they were transferred to Guantanamo Bay, the foreign ministry told AFP on Monday.

Canada high court rules Guantanamo ex-inmate a child offender

Canada`s high court Thursday rejected Ottawa`s bid to treat former Guantanamo detainee Omar Khadr, who was just 15 when he was captured on an Afghan battlefield, as an adult criminal.

''Child soldier'' Omar Khadr asks Canadians for one chance

In his first public appearance after 13 years of imprisonment, "child soldier" Omar Khadr, captured in Afghanistan at the age of 15, thanked the citizens of Canada for their understanding and said "give me a chance and you will be surprised", Efe news agency reported.

Guantanamo detainee with British residency to be released

 A Saudi detainee with residency status in Britain is expected to be freed from the US prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in June following a campaign for his release.

UN to house ex-Guantanamo inmates in Uruguay

The United Nations refugee agency will provide homes to six former detainees of the US military prison in Guantanamo who have struggled to resettle in Uruguay, the country`s President said on Friday.

Amman city cleaners to bin orange jumpsuits over IS videos

Jordan`s capital Amman said Tuesday it is replacing the orange jumpsuits worn by its city cleaners because of their similarity to those of hostages murdered in Islamic State group videos.

Guantanamo Bay inmate Hicks relieved after conviction quashed

Former Australian Guantanamo Bay inmate David Hicks Thursday expressed relief after a US court quashed his terrorism conviction and demanded Canberra pay his medical bills as he struggles to overcome the effects of alleged torture.