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British lawmakers to quiz Snowden leaks newspaper editor

British lawmakers will question the editor of the Guardian newspaper next month over publishing intelligence files from US spy agency contractor Edward Snowden after warnings from security chiefs that the leaks damaged UK national security.

UK had newspaper disks destroyed: Guardian chief

London: British agents oversaw the destruction of an unspecified number of the Guardian newspaper`s hard drives in an apparent bid to keep the fruit of Edward Snowden`s leaks safe from Chinese spies, the paper`s editor has said.

Pro-Assad Syrian hackers target UK`s Guardian newspaper

One of Britain`s leading left-wing newspapers, the Guardian, has reported that its Twitter feeds have been targeted in a cyber attack by Syrian hackers.

Guardian newspaper`s Twitter feeds hacked

The Guardian newspaper says its Twitter accounts have come under a cyberattack, and it cited a claim of responsibility from the group calling itself the Syrian Electronic Army.