Microsoft builds support over Ireland email case

Microsoft said Monday it had secured broad support from a coalition of influential technology and media firms as it seeks to challenge a US ruling ordering it to hand over emails stored on a server in Ireland.

Kroos to stay at Bayern until 2015: agent

Bayern Munich`s Germany midfielder Toni Kroos will stay with the Bavarian giants until at least 2015, despite a reported huge offer from Manchester United, his agent said.

Washington Post, Guardian share Pulitzer for NSA coverage

The Guardian and The Washington Post won a prestigious Pulitzer Prize today for reporting on secret US surveillance programs revealed by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.

World doesn`t trust Modi, says Congress citing British newspaper

Narendra Modi was again in the line of fire from Congress which quoted a British newspaper to describe the BJP`s Prime Ministerial candidate as "much more than a divisive figure" and claimed the world "doesn`t trust him".

India may implement DRS sooner than later

India may be ready to accept more responsibility for improving the decision review system (DRS) as part of their new leadership role in the International Cricket Council (ICC).

`The Guardian` blocked in China for unknown reasons

British newspaper "The Guardian" has been blocked in China, but the reasons remained unclear.

New York Times, Guardian push for Edward Snowden clemency

The New York Times and The Guardian have reportedly published editorials calling on US president Barack Obama to make a clemency deal with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and bring him back to the country.

Cameron was behind UK attempt to halt Snowden reports: Sources

British Prime Minister David Cameron ordered his top civil servant to try to stop revelations flowing from the Guardian newspaper about US and British surveillance programmes, two sources with direct knowledge of the matter said.

UK secretly tapping fibre-optic cables: Snowden

Britain`s electronic eavesdropping agency has gained secret access to fibre-optic cables carrying global Internet traffic and telephone calls, The Guardian said.

Britain snooped on G20 summit delegates in 2009: Report

The latest expose on snooping comes just hours ahead of a G8 summit that is due in North Ireland today.

Govt must hand over Charles` letters: UK judges

Charles has strong views on issues including the environment and architecture, and has been accused of meddling in political decisions.

`It was the worst train you could imagine`: The Guardian

With its staff "in hiding" and both ­temperatures and panic rising, there were few worse places to be than aboard the "Disney train".

Sarah Palin`s old-fashioned Palm Pilot: The Guardian

Sarah Palin had the notes for her speech in the palm of her hand - literally.

Are new hospital shift patterns putting you in danger?: The Guardian

Communication breakdowns between doctors, says the Royal College of Surgeons in a report this week, can be bad for your health.

Secret Met police inquiry into death of Blair Peach revealed: The Guardian

Scotland Yard reopened an inquiry into death of Blair Peach 2 decades after its officers were widely believed to have killed the anti-fascist campaigner.

Low-income pupils to get `Billy Elliot` cash bonus: The Guardian

The government is to pay a cash premium to help schools coach bright pupils from the poorest homes, the schools minister, Vernon Coaker, has announced.