Guatemalan defender Pablo Villatoro shot dead

Guatemalan professional footballer Pablo Villatoro was shot dead Thursday in a road rage incident, police said. 

Former Guatemala president exhumed as cemetery sinks

The remains of former Guatemalan president Miguel Garcia Granados were exhumed and relocated Friday, nearly 140 years since his death, after parts of his cemetery began subsiding, his descendants said.

Thousands march against corruption-plagued Guatemala president

Some 5,000 protesters marched in downtown Guatemala City demanding the resignation of the country's corruption-plagued president, who lost a fight for immunity from prosecution earlier this week.

US indicts 17 Colombia alleged traffickers

 The United States announced Tuesday it had indicted 17 alleged leaders and associates of Colombia`s powerful Clan Usuga drug gang, who would all risk life in prison if ever convicted.

Guatemalan President vows to stay despite graft probe

Guatemalan President Otto Perez said Thursday he has no plans to resign despite being investigated for corruption and facing the possible lifting of his presidential immunity.

Thousands protest graft in Guatemala, raising pressure on president

Thousands gathered in the main square of Guatemala`s capital on Saturday to protest against corruption after a wave of graft scandals prompted a Cabinet shake-up and the resignation of the vice president.

Guatemala shakes up cabinet in the wake of corruption scandals

Guatemala`s President Otto Perez announced a major cabinet reshuffle on Thursday, firing several ministers after corruption scandals battered his government, fuelling calls for him to step down.

Guatemalan central bank, social security chiefs arrested

The heads of the Guatemalan central bank and social security administration were arrested Wednesday on corruption charges, prosecutors said, the latest blow to embattled President Otto Perez.

Guatemalan vice president resigns amid corruption scandal

 Guatemalan President Otto Perez announced on Friday that his vice president, Roxana Baldetti, was resigning after one of her top aides was accused of participating in a customs bribery ring.

Thousands in Guatemala demand president, deputy resign

Thousands marched in Guatemala on Saturday to demand the resignation of President Otto Perez and Vice President Roxana Baldetti as a corruption scandal rocked the government. 

Archeologists unearth Maya 'melting pot'

Archaeologists working in Guatemala have unearthed new information about the Maya civilisation's transition from a mobile, hunter-gatherer lifestyle to a sedentary way of life.

Second volcano rumbles to life in Guatemala

Two of Guatemala`s three active volcanoes have now rumbled to life, officials said Wednesday, one day after the Santiaguito volcano began belching smoke and showering nearby towns with ash.

Guatemala`s ex-president Portillo home from US jail

Guatemala`s ex-president Alfonso Portillo returned home on Wednesday after serving time in a US prison for money laundering in a graft scandal involving Taiwan.

Guatemala's Fuego volcano spews ash, forces airport closure

Guatemala`s Fuego volcano belched black ash into the sky on Saturday, causing the government to evacuate 100 nearby residents and forcing the closure of the capital`s international airport, President Otto Perez told reporters.

Barack Obama eyes $1 billion for Central America

President Barack Obama`s administration hopes to increase funding to Central America to $1 billion next year as part of a drive to boost relations with southern neighbors, bolster security and stem illegal immigration.

Guatemalan ex-police chief handed 90 years over embassy raid

 A court in Guatemala on Monday sentenced a former police chief to 90 years for an assault on the Spanish embassy in 1980 when a group of protesting Indians, peasants and university students were holed up inside.

Guatemala ex-dictator forced to appear at genocide trial

 Guatemala`s former dictator Efrain Rios Montt was hauled to court on a stretcher on Monday to attend his retrial on genocide charges after the judge rejected his request for sick leave.

Ailing Guatemalan ex-dictator requests retrial absence

 Lawyers for Guatemalan ex-dictator Efrain Rios Montt said on Friday he is too sick to attend court next week, when he faces a retrial for genocide over the killings of indigenous people in the 1980s.

Ash from Guatemala volcanoes prompts flight warning

Ash clouds from two active volcanoes in Guatemala prompted local air travel warnings Friday.

Magnitude 5.8 quake off coast shakes Guatemala, El Salvador

A strong tremor shook buildings in parts of El Salvador and Guatemala on Sunday, but there were no immediate reports of damages from authorities.