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Indian companies revisit appraisal template to attract right talent

With work habitats turning more and more complex, most companies in India are reworking their performance management mechanism so as to attract, retain and reward the right talent, says a survey.

Appraisals Due: Average salary hike of 12% likely; top talent to get 25%

Appraisals Due: Average salary hike of 12% likely; top talent to get 25%

t is appraisal time again and employees can look forward to an average hike of 10-12%, while top performers can eye as much as 25%, but this once-a-year evaluation norm may change as firms are shifting to a more regular feedback culture, say experts

Govt raises HRA deduction limit to Rs 60,000 for rent payers

In a relief to individual tax payers, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today increased the tax deduction limit to Rs 60,000 per annum from the current Rs 24,000 on the housing rent.

Higher rent, transport allowance in 29 cities

The salaried staff in 23 cities, notably employees of the government and state-run companies, stand to gain in terms of their house rent allowance after an upgrade of their places of stay based on Census 2011. Six cities have been upgraded for travel allowance.

100 per cent hike in HRA of Himachal employees

Himachal Pradesh cabinet on Wednesday
approved a 100 per cent hike in House Rent Allowance (HRA) of
its employees.

HC order on HRA for govt teachers

Madras High Court Bench here has
directed the TN Govt to permit teachers working in various government schools in Turaiyur and Uppiliyapuram
Panchayat unions and Turaiyur town in Tiruchirappalli District
to draw HRA.

Illegal occupant of govt premises not entitled to HRA: HC

The Delhi High Court has held
that an employee in unauthorised occupation of the premises of
the employer is not entitled to house rent allowance(HRA).

No HRA for public servant if living with spouse in Govt flat

A government employee is not
entitled to get House Rent Allowance (HRA) if he or she is
residing with the spouse who has been allotted a government
accommodation, the Delhi High Court said on Tuesday.