Apple, FBI investigate massive celebrity photo `hack`

The FBI and Apple were urgently investigating Monday after an apparent massive hack of a cloud data service unleashed a torrent of intimate pictures of dozens of celebrities across the Internet.

Millions of debit and credit cards prone to getting hacked by malware
Millions of debit and credit cards prone to getting hacked by malware

A malware that had infected Target's cashiering system late last year is back in the news once again, leading to the susceptibility of millions of credit and debit cards getting hacked on a larger scale.

Anonymous hacks Israeli government websites to protest against offensive in Gaza

An anonymous hacking group has been launching virtual attacks on Israel government websites for over a week now.

CBI arrests hacker who stole Microsoft keys worth lakhs

CBI Friday nabbed an alleged hacker who entered into systems of software giant Microsoft to steal product keys worth lakhs and is feared to have compromised some government websites as well in the process.

Google unveils `Project Zero` hacker squad to defend people against cyber-attacks

Tech titan Google on Wednesday unveiled `Project Zero` - a team of elite hackers designated for checking internet security holes and defending people from cyber-attacks.

Hacker turned FBI informant `Sabu` walks free

A convicted computer hacker Hector Xavier Monsegur, popularly known as Sabu, has walked free after he helped the US authorities foil hundreds of cyber attacks.

Quick tips to secure passwords revealed!

With increasing online threat to privacy, it has become very important to secure your important password and information online from hackers. And the secret to it is, it should be easy to remember and hard to guess.

Chinese hackers went into overdrive to steal US drone technology: Report

Chinese hackers have been reportedly trying to monitor and gain access to the technology used by the US in developing military drones.

Researchers identify Chinese hacking group that attacks `high-value` targets

Researchers from security firm Symantec have reportedly unearthed a hacking group, based in China, which is believed to attack specific ` high-value` targets.

Syria Electronic Army hacks US Marines website

The SEA is a hacker group that claimed responsibility for disrupting the New York Times, social networking website Twitter and others media websites, Xinhua reported.

Saudi Arabia e-security centre to prevent hacking

Saudi Arabia has set up a national e-security centre to protect the country`s e-system from hackers, a media report said Tuesday.

Blasts in White house, Barack Obama injured: Hacked AP twitter a/c

US President Barack Obama is fine, a presidential spokesman said today after a hacked AP Twitter account sent out fake news about two bomb blasts at the White House and that the President was injured.

UK police say they won`t charge hacker

British authorities say they`ve opted not to charge a computer hacker who waged a decade-long struggle to avoid trial in the US for breaking into military computers.

UK blocks extradition of alleged hacker to US

A British computer hacker`s decade-long struggle to avoid trial in the US over alleged breaches of military and NASA networks ended in success Tuesday, as the UK government ruled he was unfit to face charges there.

Hacker wins $60,000 from Google after finding major security flaw in Chrome browser

A hacker has won a 60,000 dollar prize from Google for finding a major security flaw in the Internet search giant’s Chrome browser.

Cyber crime targets 5.4 mn Australians

About 5.4 million Australians were targeted by cyber crimes, which cost the country 1.65 billion Australian dollars ($1.68 billion) in the past 12 months, according to Norton`s Cybercrime report 2012 released Thursday.

Hackers post Apple data online after hacking FBI laptop

Anonymous affiliate - AntiSec - released a file on the internet which allegedly contained a million identification numbers for the Apple devices.

Hacker claims security flaw in Apple iPhone

A hacker revealed a security flaw that he claimed could make Apple`s iPhone particularly vulnerable to text message cheating.

UK decision on hacker extradition to US by October

Gary McKinnon has admitted breaking into US military computers following the September 11 attacks.

Twitter users suffers sustained outage for several hours

Microblogging site Twitter face two service outages within the course of several hours on Thursday.