Palestinians, Israeli soldier wounded during West Bank raid

At least five Palestinians and an Israeli soldier were wounded during an Israeli raid in the occupied West Bank late on Monday to arrest Islamist militants, Palestinian medical sources and Israeli media said.

Ethiopian Jews hold fresh protest in Israel

Hundreds of Israeli Ethiopian Jews joined activists in the northern coastal city of Haifa on Tuesday to protest against alleged racism, a police spokeswoman said.

On Haifa`s `Survivors` Street`, memories of Holocaust live on

It has become known as "Survivors` Street" -- a small road in Haifa where about 100 Holocaust survivors are living out their last days side-by-side, keeping alive memories of the Nazi genocide.

Indian soldiers' bravery revisited on Haifa Day in Sydney

The Indian soldiers' valour as displayed in 1918 during first World War to free the Israeli city of Haifa was remembered in Australia Tuesday.

Hezbollah denies sending drone over Israel: TV

Powerful Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah said Thursday it did not send a drone over Israel, hours after the Israeli air force said it shot down an unmanned aircraft off country`s northern coast.

Iran threatens to ‘raze’ Israeli cities if attacked

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned that his country would annihilate the Israeli cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa if it were attacked by Israel, and also criticized US over nuclear talks.

Indian soldiers lauded in Israeli textbooks

The municipality of Haifa has gone ahead with its decision to immortalise the sacrifices made by Indian soldiers.

srael says 4-day forest fire under control

Two teenage brothers have been arrested on suspicion they caused the blaze.