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Here's what you will find in a woman's handbag

Here's what you will find in a woman's handbag

 A new research has found that women carry her world in her handbag out of which most items are seriously expensive to cope with modern lifestyles.

Diane Kruger collaborates with Jason Wu on handbag

Actress Diane Kruger is collaborating with renowned designer Jason Wu to design a handbag.

Handbag essentials for every woman

Lip conditioner, hand sanitiser and eyelash curlers are some of the essential beauty products that a woman must carry with her.

The Thatcher look, from handbag to true blue suits

The invitation of a handbag designer to Margaret Thatcher`s funeral is testament to the way the Iron Lady used fashion to forge her image.

N Korea’s 1st lady spotted with £1,000 Dior bag

A Christian Dior handbag stands for all that is the most luxurious about Western culture.

Margaret Thatcher`s handbag sells for 25,000 pounds

A handbag once used by former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher has been sold for 25,000 pounds at a charity auction.

How much does a Brit lady`s purse weigh?

The average British woman`s handbag weighs as much as 1.8 kg.

Kim spends £64K on handbags

Kim Kardashian forked out a whopping 64,000 pounds on handbags in Paris.