Rope to hang Kasab made in Buxar jail?

As secrecy shrouded the hanging of Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab, inmates and authorities of Buxar prison believe that the rope used for the purpose was manufactured by the jail.

Kasab hangman paid Rs 5,000, identity kept secret

The hangman was also kept in the dark on the identity of the death row convict till a few minutes before the execution which marked the culmination of the secret operation coded `Operation X`.

Hangman didn’t know he had to execute Kasab

The operation to execute 26/11 attack case convict Ajmal Kasab in the wee hours on Wednesday was shrouded in secrecy that even the hangman at Pune’s Yervada jail was kept in the dark about the terrorist`s identity.

Pak hangman looks for a new job

Masih, who is the hangman at Lahore`s Kot Lakhpat Jail, said men from his family had been hangmen since the era of British rule in the subcontinent.

`Hangman wants to prepare noose for Kasab`

Meerut hangman Mammu Singh wants to hang Pak terrorist Ajmal Kasab for his role in 26/11 attacks.

Hangman Nata Mullick dead

Hangman Nata Mullick, whose 25th
execution was rape and murder convict Dhananjoy Chatterjee
five years ago, today died of old age ailments here.