Haqqani commander among dead in US drone strike in Pakistan

A US drone strike killed at least seven militants in Pakistan`s restive tribal belt on Thursday, including an important commander of the feared Haqqani network, security officials said.

Afghanistan captures two Haqqani commanders

 Afghan security forces said today they have captured two senior leaders of the feared Haqqani network, a hardline group behind sophisticated attacks on Afghan and NATO forces.

Taliban post picture of commander with smiling US captive

US soldier Bowe Bergdahl, who was held captive by the Taliban for five years, appeared smiling alongside an alleged Haqqani commander in a photo posted on a Twitter account purporting to be from the Afghan Taliban.

Freed US soldier celebrated Xmas, played badminton with captors

Freed US soldier Bowe Bergdahl developed a love for Afghan green tea, taught his captors badminton, and even celebrated Christmas and Easter with the hardline Islamists, a Pakistani militant commander said.

Afghan and foreign forces kill 60 near Pakistan border: Spy agency

Afghan troops backed by Western air power killed at least 60 militants in a battle in southeastern Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan, Afghanistan`s intelligence agency said on Wednesday.

Eyeing Afghan exit, US intensifies campaign against Haqqani militants

The United States has intensified its drive against the Taliban-linked Haqqani network in an attempt to deal a lasting blow to the militants in Afghanistan before foreign combat forces depart this year, according to multiple US officials.

Haqqani group members arrested in Afghanistan

Three militants of the Haqqani militant group have been arrested in Afghanistan`s capital Kabul, the country`s intelligence agency said Tuesday.

Slain Haqqani leader lived near Pak capital for years: Reports

Nasiruddin Haqqani, senior leader of the dreaded Haqqani terror network who was shot dead here, had been living in areas near the Pakistani capital for years, media reports today said.

Authorise targeting of Taliban and Haqqani leaders in Pak

As the US prepares to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan, a top retired American General on Thursday called for targeting the Taliban and Haqqani network`s safe havens in Pakistan.

Senior Taliban-linked Haqqani commander killed in US drone strike

Sangeen Zadran, senior commander of the Taliban-linked Haqqani militant network in north-west Pakistan, was one among the six militants who were killed in the US drone strike in North Waziristan, near Afghanistan on Friday.

US slaps sanctions against Haqqani `suicide operat

The US declared the outfit`s chief of suicide operations, Qari Zakir, a global terrorist and imposed financial sanctions against him.

Captive US Army Sgt safe: Haqqani commander

The commander denied that the Haqqanis held Army Sgt Bowe Bergdahl, as the US believes.

Hillary reviewing blacklisting Haqqani network

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is considering the issue of slapping sanctions against Pakistan-based Haqqani network.

NATO airstrike kills Haqqani leader

NATO forces say they have killed a leader of the Haqqani insurgent group in an airstrike in eastern Afghanistan.

US Senate pushes for terrorist label for Haqqani

The Obama administration has sanctioned top individuals of Haqqani network, but it is still reviewing whether to label the entire organisation.

`Haqqani network, a friction point in US-Pak ties`

The United States expressed "frustration" with Pakistan on its unwillingness to take head on the Haqqani network.

Haqqanis were behind Afghan attacks: US Ambassador

US Ambassador Ryan Crocker says Pakistan needs to do more to clamp down on the Haqqani network`s safe havens.

`Kashmir no excuse for Pakistan`s Haqqani ties`

Former US Republican presidential candidate John McCain called ISI`s close relationship with the Haqqani network as reprehensible.

‘Hopefully emerging out of difficult US-Pak ties’

The US is hopeful of emerging out of the "very difficult period" of its relationship with Pakistan, a top official said.

`Haqqanis carried out 18-hour Afghan assault`

Interior Minister said 36 insurgents were killed during the attacks in Kabul and three other cities in eastern Afghanistan.