Plans to clean up space debris underway

As space experts are meeting to try to solve the growing problem of space junk, British scientists have invented a harpoon that could punch a hole in space debris and send it crashing safely back down to Earth.

Harpoon modifications threatens India-Pak ties: US

The illegal modifications in the anti-ship Harpoon missiles is a provocative and destabilising action by Islamabad and threatenes the "delicate" India-Pakistan ties, an influential US lawmaker has said.

Congress notified about Harpoon modifications by Pak

The Obama Administration has notified the US Congress about the potential violation of a key arms export act by Pakistan for illegally modifying the Harpoon anti-ship missile, a weapon that could target India.

`Pakistan altered missiles given by US to target India`

Pakistan has reportedly modified missiles given by the US for its defence to expand capability to strike land targets, threatening India.