JK Rowling`s regret of not pairing Harry, Hermione outrages fans

JK Rowling`s surprise admission that Hermoine should have ended up with Harry, instead of Ron in the `Harry Potter` series .

Harry, Hermione should`ve ended up together in `Harry Potter` series: Rowling

Author J.K. Rowling has admitted that Hermione should have ended up with Harry, instead of Ron, in the ` Harry Potter` series.

Duke, Duchess determined to enjoy Asia trip

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are refusing to let the furore over the topless pictures of Duchess Catherine ruin their tour of the Far East.

William, Harry didn`t know queen was `Bond girl`

British princes William and Harry said they were "completely in the dark" over their grandmother Queen Elizabeth`s role as a "Bond girl" in the Olympic opening ceremony.

Cheryl Cole knows why girls go crazy for Harry Styles

Cheryl Cole has revealed that she can understand why girls and women fancy `One Direction` singer Harry`s Styles.

William, Harry, Kate named ambassadors of 2012 Olympics

The British royals will visit Olympic venues and athletes` training camps.

‘Handsome’ Harry’s thought makes Mexican girl get tickle in her tummy

Prince Harry is due to start his flight training in a desert base just 10 miles from the crime-ridden Mexico border, and two local girls can’t wait to get their hands on him.

Harry’s invitation to Chelsy for Royal wedding sparks patch-up rumours

Prince Harry has invited Chelsy Davy to his brother’s wedding, sparking rumours that the couple may be getting back together after splitting two months ago.

`Russian spy` had her eyes on Prince William and Harry

Anna Chapman is the red-haired beauty accused of spying for Russia.