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US micro-observatory captures images of comet ISON

A retired teacher Bruce Mellin has clicked new pictures of comet ISON with the help of MicroObservatory`s "Donald" telescope in Arizona.

It`s snowing in an infant solar system!

Astronomers have taken the first-ever image of a snow line in an infant solar system.

Kepler spacecraft discovers 2 planets in distant star cluster

Astronomers have found two planets smaller than Neptune orbiting Sun-like stars 3,000 light-years from Earth, in the star cluster NGC 6811.

Cat`s Paw Nebula experiencing `baby boom`

The Cat`s Paw Nebula, otherwise known as NGC 6334, is forming stars at a more rapid pace than the Orion Nebula, one of the closest stellar nurseries to Earth, according to astronomers.

Our sun was a feisty toddler

A new research has suggested that our Sun was both active and "feisty" in its infancy, growing in fits and starts while burping out bursts of X-rays.

Black hole spinning at speed of light

The outer reaches of a `supermassive` black hole, more than two million miles across, or eight times the earth-moon distance, is spinning at nearly the speed of light.

Dying stars may hold clues to extraterrestrial life

Researchers studying Earth-like planets orbiting white dwarf stars have concluded that dying stars could host planets with life-and if such life exists, they might be able to detect it within the next decade.

`Earth-like planets may be in our own backyard`

Astronomers believe that Earth-like planets could be all around us, and some may even harbour life that would be much older and more evolved than on Earth.

`Bone` of Milky Way identified

Astronomers have identified a new structure in the Milky Way - a long tendril of dust and gas that they are calling a "bone."