Tweets with images, hashtags get more re-tweets
Tweets with images, hashtags get more re-tweets

A study that analysed two million tweets has found images in a tweet increases chances of its re-tweet more than four times.

Twitter`s new feature now explains hashtags

Twitter rolled out a new feature on Friday that would explain commonly used hashtags.

Social media driving more traffic to retail sites

Retail websites these days are benefiting a lot from social media websites as they play a huge role in increasing the traffic to the site. Social media is a highly valuable tool for retailers and their businesses when it comes to customer reach, marketing and brand control.

Now, app to help women anonymously rate Facebook male pals

A new female-friendly app on Facebook is creating a platform for women to help other women navigate potential relationship with boys, by rating their male friends.

Twitter, Facebook battle for TV show ad dollars

Two of the world`s biggest social networking giants, Twitter and Facebook are reportedly competing against each other for TV show ad dollars.

The Shah Rukh Khan column: Of balance, belief and hashtags

Shah Rukh Khan writes his first column in dna After Hrs on science and superstition.

Facebook adds Twitter-style hashtags for topics

Facebook added Twitter-style hashtags to help the more than one billion members of the social network tune into topics of interest.